For the rest of the week I will be doing a semi- on vacation Blog.

I am in my office doing some minor construction, updating the climate control et c. But I can’t stop writing my blog..

I hope you enjoy these , James

Another chance….
In a dream last night I had a very nice book to offer to my customers. 

 I am pleased to offer,

Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 1454. volume II only . Royal folio,a fine copy in fifteenth century pigskin over wooden boards .

P.O.R. Bod-Inc: B-237 ;  GW 4201

“Fast Facts: The Gutenberg Bible”.

White, Eric Marshall (2002). “Long Lost Leaves from Gutenberg’s Mons-Trier II Bible”. Gutenberg Jahrbuch77: 19–36.

Wagner, Bettina; Reed, Marcia (2010-12-23). Early Printed Books as Material Objects: Proceedings of the Conference Organized by the IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section Munich, 19–21 August 2009. p. 11. ISBN 978-3-11-025530-0.

Dear James….Concerning the volume you offered,

I’m afraid I have to turn it down. This item has several strikes against it: 

1. It is available in other formats (Electronic facsimile, reproduction, Microfiche and microfilm)

2. We already have other copies of the text in our open collection

3. It is not unique enough (copies at Princeton, University of Texas, The Lilly Library, Harvard, SMU, Yale, etc. etc.)

Alas our holdings will suffice Fac.: Insel-Verlag, Leipzig, 1913-14, reprint New York, 1960

see also :
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