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An alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery 1710

543J. William Salmon 1644-1713 The family-dictionary; or, Household companion: Containing, in an alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery, in dressing flesh, fowl, fish, herbs, boots, &c. Seasoning, making sauces, bills of fare, art of carving, &c. II. Making all sorts of... Continue Reading →

A Very Fine Sammelband of Six Aristotle Science Texts from the sixteenth century.

ARISTOTELES. Physicorum Aristotelis libri. [Of Physics]. Joanne Argyropylo & Francis. Vatablo interprete. Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De caelo libri quatuor. [Of Heaven]. I. Argyropylo interprete. 115, [21] pp. Printer's device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1553 (ms. change to 1558).Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De... Continue Reading →

Against deceitful & superstitious arts. 1592

Against deceitful and superstitious arts: that is, On magic, on the observation of dreams, and on astrological divination, three books.

The “Praeparitio” is a gigantic feat of erudition.

945G     Eusebius of Caesarea                  c. 260-c. 340 Eusebius Pa[m]phili de eua[n]gelica preparac[i]o[n]e ex greco in latinu[m] translatus Incipit feliciter.                [ Cologne, Ulrich Zel, not after 1473]                          $18,000 Folio 10 ¾  x 7 ¾  inches. [a]12, [b-o]10, [p]8      One of... Continue Reading →

The Secretum Secretorum is :

“One of the most widely read texts of the High Middle Ages or even the most-read”.  659J. Aristotle (pseudo) Tr  Johannes Lorchner.  Rāzī, Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā Abū Bakr al-; (864?-925?). Das aller edlest und bewertest Regiment der gesundtheyt, Auch von allen verßorgen Künsten... Continue Reading →

TWO RARE commentaries on Aristotle, printed in Salamanca 1497 and Venice 1505

672J    Petrus, de Alvernia. ±1304 Expositio Magistrate super quttuor libris Meteororum Aristotelis. Salamanca :  [Printer of Nebrissensis, 'Gramática'], 20 Nov. 1497.  price $49,000 Contemporary limp vellum. Folio. 30 x 21 cm. Signatures; A8 b6-e6 f4 g6h1 (lacking h2-3)h4-x6 y4.   Half title, The first and last... Continue Reading →

A Jesuit Manual of Natural magic and occult sciences world wide including America 1692

One book by a Jesuit about Natural Magic and occult world wide including America 1692

This morning I was interview by Dr. Justin Sledge on his You Tube Channel ESOTERICA

ESOTERICA@TheEsotericaChannel Esoterica is a wonderful and useful source of information on western occult and esoterica. Dr Sledge and his channel produces content relating to topics such as alchemy, magic, Kabbalah, mysticism, hermetic philosophy, theosophy, the occult and more using the... Continue Reading →

Henry Suso: Servent to Eternal Wisdom A rare and wonderful copy!

"In the second half of the fourteenth and in the fifteenth century there was no more widely read meditation book in the German language." (CE 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. Cologne: Johann Landen,... Continue Reading →

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