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Seven interesting (and Rare) English books printed before 1720

1) At Banbury he saw the Puritan who has become proverbial, "Hanging of his Cat on Monday For killing of a Mouse on Sunday." 488J.  Anonymous. By Richard Brathwait. 1588?-1673. Drunken Barnaby’s four journeys to the north of England. In Latin... Continue Reading →

The first published catalogue of the Cottonian Library

Maybe no other book I have in my current stock is more like the Internet than this one? I can spend hours upon hours reading (looking) through this book, An example is this entry: This is entry ” NERO D IV. In modern form Cotton MS Nero D IV (still the same 300 years later.. […]

EROTOMANIA or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or Erotiqve melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of Physick

Jacques Ferrand (b. ca. 1575) EROTOMANIA, OR A TREATISE DISCOURSING OF THE ESSENCE, CAUSES, SYMPTOMES, PROGNOSTICKS, AND CURE OF LOVE, OR EROTIQUE MELANCHOLY. (Oxford: Printed by L. Lichfield, 1640).                      ... Continue Reading →

Three incunabula from Lyptzck [Leipzig]

ISTC has 1429 hits for Leipzig. III. 466J Balthasar de Porta (fl. 1487- 1499)   Expositio Canonis Missae. (Canon sacratissime misse: unacum expositione eiusdem: ubi in primis premittit pulchra contemplatio ante missam habenda de christi pulcritudine. Et quo mo[d]o  ipsa in sua passione: ab eo... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XXVII may 2021 Printed books 1501-1600

YOU CAN view this through you web browser to get the link button to work. TO DOWNLOAD FASCICULE XXVII 1) Push the Download button xxvii-c2a7-16thc.-2Download xxvii-c2a7-16thc.-1Download TO DOWNLOAD FASCICULE XXVII Check the button above. Below you will find some images... Continue Reading →

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‘Description of medicinal Simples, commonly made use of in the Diseases of Horses

W Gibson. 1680?-1750. The farriers dispensatory :  in three parts. Containing I. A description of the medicinal simples, commonly made use of in the Diseases of Horses, with their Virtues and Manner of Operation, distributed into proper Classes, &c. II. The preparations... Continue Reading →

181J Psalterium Latinum. A early fifteenth century Manuscript Psalter  surrounded on every page by an untitled 18th century English History manuscript

181J Psalterium Latinum. A early fifteenth century Manuscript Psalter  surrounded on every page by an untitled 18th century English History manuscript.                                  Tours, France circa... Continue Reading →

Books for Housewives 1653 & 1680

474J T.K. Doctor in physick The Kitchin-physician: or, A guide for good-housewives in maintaining their families in health. Wherein are described the natures, causes, and symptoms of all diseases inward and outward, incident to the bodies of men, women, and... Continue Reading →

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