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June 2021

181J Psalterium Latinum. A early fifteenth century Manuscript Psalter  surrounded on every page by an untitled 18th century English History manuscript

181J Psalterium Latinum. A early fifteenth century Manuscript Psalter  surrounded on every page by an untitled 18th century English History manuscript.                                  Tours, France circa... Continue Reading →

Books for Housewives 1653 & 1680

474J T.K. Doctor in physick The Kitchin-physician: or, A guide for good-housewives in maintaining their families in health. Wherein are described the natures, causes, and symptoms of all diseases inward and outward, incident to the bodies of men, women, and... Continue Reading →

Rebecca P. Fowler’s Common Place Friendship Album 1825 Danvers Ma. SOLD

small octavo 20 x 13 cm Pages 1-109 Today's book is quite a treat, It is an unique (as far as I call tell at this point) Illustrated Common Place Friendship Album 1825 Danvers Ma. made for Rebecca P. Fowler.... Continue Reading →

Handwritten Text Recognition at the National Library of Norway

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Europe's printed and hand-written books in the spotlight

By Yngvil Beyer, National Library of Norway

Digitisation, in the form of digital images, of large collections of manuscripts and letters offers the opportunity to convert such sources into machine readable text formats, and hence make them available for full text search.

In 2006, the National Library of Norway started an ambitious project: making all printed material available for full-text search through extended use of OCR (optical character recognition). Per April this year, 563,744 books, 3,240,856 newspapers and 75,686 journals are available from our website. Handwritten documents, however, have until now only been digitised as facsimiles. As we all know, handwritten documents are much more varied in layout, as well as writing style and spelling, and OCR has not been possible to use.

At the National Library of Norway, the collection of handwritten manuscripts and letters counts hundreds of thousands of items. At present, close to 26,000 of these items…

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The first horticultural work written specifically for women and it would be a hundred years wait for another!

William Lawson fl. 1618. The Countrie Housewifes Garden, was the first horticultural work written specifically for women (there would not be another in English for a century). The 'sound, clear, natural wit' manifested in it was praised by John Beale... Continue Reading →

AN Early Book Class in one book!

Here is a bullet point list of the points of rare interests in this book.visible water marks on pastedownEarly manuscript waste materia;Ultra violet light reveals a lot on the pastedown of the front boardold german bookseller notes and othersThree early... Continue Reading →

The 1611 King James “The Great He Bible.”

Fewer than 200 original printings of the 1611 are known to exist (and out of that number, fewer than 50 are complete “He” variants. FIRST EDITION OF THE AUTHORIZED VERSION Arguably the most important book ever published in English. KNOWN... Continue Reading →


English Books of Conduct, Behavior,Gender

Seymar, William. (William Seymar is a pseudonymous anagram for William Ramsey.) Cf. Halkett and Laing Conjugium conjurgium: or, some serious considerations on marriage. Wherein (by way of caution and advice to a friend) its nature, ends, events, concomitant accidents, &c. are... Continue Reading →

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