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July 2016

Aristotle’s master-piece…The secrets of generation display’d

904F Aristotle pseudo Possibly by Salmon, William. 1644-1713  Aristotle’s master-piece: or in all the parts thereof; Containing 1. The Signs of Barrenness. 2. The way of getting a Boy or Girl. 3. O… Source: Aristotle’s master-piece...The secrets of generation display’d

Do you Read all those books?

Quite often at book shows a curious looker will ask ” Have you read all these books?” and I usually answer truthfully but obtusely “I only wish” And that answer just is the … Source: Do you Read all those... Continue Reading →

Back from the Bookbinder!

From Left to Right : 781G Gassendi,  820G Descartes,  695G The Earl of Rochester,  154F Thomas Browne, 904F Pseudo Aristotle, 815G John Fisher.   781G Pierre Gassendi 1592-1655 Petri Gassendi Disquisitio metaphysica seu dubitationes et instantiae: adversus Renati Cartessi metaphysicam... Continue Reading →

Manipulus curatorum (no copy in the US)

832G Guido de Monte Rochen fl 1330 Manipulus curatorum [Rome]: Johannes Bulle, 18 Nov. 1478                                      $16,000 Quarto.  [112] leaves ( of 116,... Continue Reading →

Richard Archdekin 1618-1693 (alias McGillacuddy)

A Rare little school book.

838G Anton Itter (1611-1692?) Synopsis poetices latinae, seu Praecepta Poetica, succincte tradita & explicata, captuique tyronum angustae accommodata. Frankfurt: Balthasar Christoph Wust, for Caspar Waechtler, 1659    sold Duodecimo 5 X 2 3/4 inches  A12 B11 First and only edition... Continue Reading →

An early introduction to Belles-Lettres! J-H Formey

An early introduction to Belles-Lettres! J-H Formey

600G Antoine Augustin Bruyen de la Martinière; Nicolas-Charles-Joseph Trublet Formey, Jean-Henri-Samuel (1711-1797) Conseils pour former unebibliothèquepeunombreusemaischoisie. Nouvelle. édition, corrigée et augmentée. Suivie de l'Introductiongénérale à l'étude des sciences & belles-lettres par M. de la Martinière A Berlin : Chez Haude... Continue Reading →

Three rare Law Books

Today I decided to re order my shelves according to number of known (listed) copies in American Libraries. These three law books are truly scarce and interesting! Please enjoy reading about them.   798G Anon The Compleat Sheriff: wherein is set... Continue Reading →

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