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May 2021

England’s improvement by Sea and Land by the father of English political economy.

The 8 folding engraved maps and plates 476J  Andrew Yarranton 1616-1684 England’s improvement by sea and land· To out-do the Dutch without fighting, to pay debts without moneys, to set at work all the poor of England with the growth of... Continue Reading →


There are a few blanks after the cover, which will be the title page and index but those pages are dependent upon my printer they are not there yet. c2a71470-xxx-c692Download Please enjoy looking James

AN Early Book Class in one book!

Here is a bullet point list of the points of rare interests in this book.visible water marks on pastedownEarly manuscript waste materia;Ultra violet light reveals a lot on the pastedown of the front boardold german bookseller notes and othersThree early... Continue Reading →

Galileo’s “Starry Messenger” and Kepler’s “Dioptrice” Two of the Most Important Books in Early Observational Astronomy

Gassendi, Pierre (1592-1655); Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642); Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630) Petri Gassendi Institutio Astronomica: Juxta Hypotheseis tam Veterum quàm Recentiorum. Cui accesserunt Galilei Galilei Nuncius Sidereus; et Johannis Kepleri Dioptrice. Tertia editio prioribus Correctior. London: Henry Dickinson, 1683                                     […]

The Kitchin-physician:

474J T.K. Doctor in physick The Kitchin-physician: or, A guide for good-housewives in maintaining their families in health. Wherein are described the natures, causes, and symptoms of all diseases inward and outward, incident to the bodies of men, women, and... Continue Reading →

Cassandra Fidelle (1465 – 1558) is considered to be the most prominent woman scholar in Italy during the last decades of the Quatrocentro.

472J  / [Gryphius,  Christian  1649-1706]  Vitæ selectæ qvorvndam ervditissimorvm ac illvstrivm virorvm, vt et Helenæ Cornaræ et Cassandræ Fidelis, a clarissimis viris scriptæ et antehac separatim editæ, denvo ob svmmam raritatem et præstantiam recvsæ, ac in vnvm volvmen redactæ. Vratislaviae... Continue Reading →

Decency in Conservation

473 J Hawkins, Francis, trans. (1628-1681)  Youths behaviour, or, Decency in conversation amongst men. In laudem Authoris. Though here be wonder when 'tis knowne,A Child should make this worke his owne,(Since he that can translate and please,Must needs command two Languages:)Yet... Continue Reading →

Hrabanus Maurus 784-856

Hrabanus Maurus 469J   Rabanus Maurus. 784-856?  Magnencij Rabani Mauri De Laudib[us] sancte Crucis opus. erudcione versu prosaq[ue] mirificum. edited by Jacobus Wimpheling. Phorçheim. [Pforzheim : In ædibus Thom[ae] Anshelmi., 1503.     $24,000 ChanceryFolio 31 x 21cm. signatures: Aa6 Bb4... Continue Reading →

The variety of the human face. Johann Valentin Merbitz 1676

Johann Valentin Merbitz ;  Hrabanus Maurus, ärkebiskop av Mainz M. Johannis Valentini Merbitzii De varietate faciei humanæ, discursus physicus. Appendicis loco accedunt Carmina figurata, Rabani Mauri. Dresden. Apud Mart, Gabrielem Hübnerum, ex officina electorali, typis viduæ & hæredum Melchioris Bergenii. M. DC.... Continue Reading →

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