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November 2021

‘Description of medicinal Simples, commonly made use of in the Diseases of Horses

W Gibson. 1680?-1750. The farriers dispensatory :  in three parts. Containing I. A description of the medicinal simples, commonly made use of in the Diseases of Horses, with their Virtues and Manner of Operation, distributed into proper Classes, &c. II. The preparations... Continue Reading →

Finem Novembris five new books

Nicolas CAUSSIN S.J., (1583-1651); Estevan de AGUILAR Y ZUÑIGA Corte Divina, o Palacio Celestial. Primero y segundo tomo, que son diez, y onze de lCorte Santa. Escriviola en lengua latina ... N. Causino ... y en la Española, el Doct..E. de Aguilar... Continue Reading →

The Art of Memory

[Ars Memorandi] 529J. Johannes Host von Romberch (c. 1480-c. 1533)  Congestorium artificiose memorie V.P.F. Joãnis Romberch de Kyrspe. Regularis obseruantie predicatorie: omnium de memoria preceptiões aggregatim complectens: opus oĩbus theologis: predicatoribus & confessoribus: juristis: iudicibus procuratoribus: aduocatis & notarijs: medicis:... Continue Reading →

“Popish Midwife” Elizabeth Cellier , English Catholic Midwife 1680

409J   Elizabeth Cellier fl 1668-1688 Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered... Continue Reading →

Founder of Experimental biology ! Francesco Redi;  (1626-1697)  & Women with Microscopes! 1671

470J Francesco Redi;  (1626-1697)  Smarrito  Francisci Redi, patritii aretini, Experimenta circa generationem insectorvm :  ad nobilissimum virum Carolvm Dati. Amstelodami : Sumptibus Andreae Frisii,  1671. Price $1,800 Duodecimo 13½ x 7½ cm. Signatures: *⁶ A-O¹² P⁶. The frontispiece is a Woman scientist looking through a... Continue Reading →

Some serious considerations on marriage. Wherein (by way of caution and advice to a friend) its nature, ends, events, concomitant accidents, &c. are examined. Conjugium Conjurgium

Seymar, William. (William Seymar is a pseudonymous anagram for William Ramsey.) Cf. Halkett and Laing Conjugium conjurgium: or, some serious considerations on marriage. Wherein (by way of caution and advice to a friend) its nature, ends, events, concomitant accidents, &c. are... Continue Reading →

An alphabetical method, I. Directions…. 1696

543J. William Salmon 1644-1713 The family-dictionary; or, Household companion: Containing, in an alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery, in dressing flesh, fowl, fish, herbs, boots, &c. Seasoning, making sauces, bills of fare, art of carving, &c. II. Making all sorts of... Continue Reading →

Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica

402J, Gaspar Schott 1608-1666 Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica Ad Eminentiss: S.R.I. Principem Joannem Philippum Electorem Mogunt: Auctore. P. Gaspare Schotto. Soc. Jesu.  ["The appendix to Schott's work contains the first published report of Guericke's experiments with the vacuum pump. Guericke had communicated... Continue Reading →

The true amazons: or, the monarchy of bees

542J. Joseph Warder active 1688-1718. The true amazons: or, the monarchy of bees. Being a new discovery and improvement of those wonderful creatures. Wherein is experimentally demonstrated, I. That they are all govern’d by a queen. II. The amazing beauty... Continue Reading →

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