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October 2023

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

THIS is an re-re- Print of an old blog, but next week or so There will be an NEW ORINDA Blog offering more  copies of books by Katherine Philips In my next montly catalogue  Fascicule no VI I will be... Continue Reading →

I and Canadian booksellers invite you to visit Toronto Friday for the Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair.

Here is a link to the information Page! The 2023 Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair will take place in the beautiful Baillie Court at the Art Gallery of Ontario. October 20 to October 22, 2023  Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada ... Continue Reading →

11PM last night, Packed and ready to leave, the cozy home behind

Zeva and some books I decided not to bring with me.

Three early books on Lucifer, Dæmonolatreiæ and The lives of Dæmons and the Dæmonised.

Of these three books, I find the first the most frightening because it deals with the real life manifestation of human evil, the next two are more historical analysis of ideas which are the proemial forces behind evil. So here... Continue Reading →

The history (and Portraits) of the moderne protestant divines

428J Verheiden, Jacob.     The history of the moderne protestant divines, containing their parents, countries, education, studies, lives, and the yeare of our Lord in which they dyed. With a true register of all their severall treatises, and writings that are extant.... Continue Reading →

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