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June 2013

Some how or another, it has turned out that S. Igantius' Spiritual Exercises has played a cornerstone in my intellectual /Spiritual development. In a way It is the first 'mystical' text I read (or for that matter had easy access to).... Continue Reading →

The Voynich Again, No I don’t have one… Many people believe that the Voynich manuscript—a book found in 1912 written in an unknown language with images of plants and astronomy—is a hoax. Cryptographers, mathematicians, and linguists have been trying to decipher the supposedly 15th-century text found by... Continue Reading →

A rational, compendious way to convince

John Keynes was one of the intended victims of Titus Oates'  Popish Plot 335G  Keynes, John.     1625-1697 A rational, compendious way to convince,  without any dispute, all persons whatsoever, dissenting from the true religion. By J.K London : s.n.], Printed... Continue Reading →

Voices on the Medieval Page (1): The Reader

I'm rebloging this post so that I can keep track of it. I find a useful and clear description of the typology of 'added text.

The Solar Eclipses of 1654

A total solar eclipse occurred on August 12, 1654. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across the... Continue Reading →

A nice binding from my current shelves

348G  Moore, Francis.   1657-1714   Vox stellarum; being an almanack for the year of human redemption .   By Francis Moore, London : printed by T. Hodgkin for the Company of Stationers, 1705.     $2,200            The title-page is... Continue Reading →

Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth. (another copy!)

345G Over the last twenty years I have been lucky enough to have had and sold  all of the "Wit's series" : Wits commonwealth, Published first in 1597, as the first in a series of which Mere’s "Palladis tamia"( I had... Continue Reading →

Gossaert and the Merchant, Shakespeare and the Grocer

This is a very good blog , I love the rhizomatic connections that we all make. Bravo

Miserabilivm personarvm privilegiis

337G         Novari, Giovanni Maria & Barbato, Horatio. Tractatvs de miserabilivm personarvm privilegiis, in qvo complvres singvlares materiae ad earum fauorem in vsu forensi quotidianae, & frequentes, tum iuxta iuris communis, quam municipalis regni dispositionem, supremorum totius orbis tribunalium, placita accuratè,... Continue Reading →

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