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April 2022

Four Rare Grammar Books.

1) 330J Edward Wettenall.  1636-1713.   A short Introduction of Grammar being generally the common form, with such supplements out of the Common Latin institutions, as make the English part a sufficient Grammar for a good understanding of the Latin... Continue Reading →

A description of the stone in the bladder & pathognomicall signes there of.

126J Wilhelm Fabricius Hildanus 1560-1634. Lithotomia vesicæ: that is, An accurate description of the stone in the bladder : shewing the causes and pathognomicall signes thereof, and chiefely of the method whereby it is to be artificially taken out both... Continue Reading →

The magnetick cure of wounds.

527JBA.   Walter Charleton The magnetick cure of wounds. 1650 A ternary of paradoxes. The magnetick cure of wounds. Nativity of tartar in wine. Image of God in man. Written originally by Joh. Bapt. Van Helmont, and translated, illustrated, and ampliated by Walter... Continue Reading →

England’s improvement by Sea and Land by the father of English political economy.

The 8 folding engraved maps and plates 476J  Andrew Yarranton 1616-1684 England’s improvement by sea and land· To out-do the Dutch without fighting, to pay debts without moneys, to set at work all the poor of England with the growth of... Continue Reading →


. #277J Orosius, Paulus Orosius (385-420). Historiae adversus paganos, edited by Aeneas Vulpes. Scias velim humanissime lector: Aeneam Vulpem Vicentinum priorem sanctae crucis adiutore Laurentio Brixiensi Historias Pauli Orosii quae continentur hoc codice: [Vicenza]: Hermannus Liechtenstein, [c.1475].  $22,000   Folio.... Continue Reading →

6 Books from the 1470’s

437J Augustine, Aurelius.  De civitate Dei.  Basel: Michael Wenssler [and Bernhard Richel] March 25, 1479.       $18,000 Large Folio. [245] (of 248) leaves.   Signatures: [1-610 7-1010·8 116 12-1510·8 168 17-1810 19-218 2210 238 24-256 2610 278 286 294] First colophon   The first colophon in red print with double coat of arms (fol. [190]r): Textus Sancti Augustini de ciuitate Dei Basilee impressus.... Continue Reading →

Galileo’s “Starry Messenger” and Kepler’s “Dioptrice” Two of the Most Important Books in Early Observational Astronomy

Gassendi, Pierre (1592-1655); Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642); Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630) Petri Gassendi Institutio Astronomica: Juxta Hypotheseis tam Veterum quàm Recentiorum. Cui accesserunt Galilei Galilei Nuncius Sidereus; et Johannis Kepleri Dioptrice. Tertia editio prioribus Correctior. London: Henry Dickinson, 1683                                     […]

537Ji-v A Sammelband of five printed books. Four from the early sixteenth century and one printed in the late fifteenth. On reformist liturgy 1499-1515.

 537Ji-v This volume is Sammelband of five printed books. Four from the early sixteenth century and one printed in the late fifteenth. Basel, Mainz, Oppenheim, Speyer, Straßburg, 1499-1515. Price $ 16,000 Five Chancery Quarto volumes, 20 x 15.5 cm These copies... Continue Reading →

Catalogue of 15th century books. Fascicule XXXIII

These 22 incunabula will be on display and offered for sale at the the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair 2022. 33fascicule-15th-ccompressed-smallpdfDownload qr-codeDownload

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