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August 2013

Novae motuum coelestium ephemerides Brandenburgicae

369G Origanus, David. (1528-1628) Novae motuum coelestium ephemerides Brandenburgicae, annorum LX :incipientes ab anno 1595, & desinentes in annum 1655, calculo duplici luminarium, Tychonico & Copernicaeo, reliquorum planetarum posteriore elaboratae, & variis diversarum nationum calendarijs accomodatae : cum introductione hac... Continue Reading →

Glasgow Incunabula Project update (23/8/13)

Glasgow Incunabula Project update (23/8/13).


361G Mather, Cotton. 1663-1728 Magnalia Christi Americana: Or, The Ecclesiastical History of New England, from its First Planting in the Year 1620. Unto the Year of Our Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. I. Antiquities: In Seven Chapters. With an Appendix.... Continue Reading →


Every time I open this book, I get another and new appreciation for the Seventeenth century, even by 1708 I think people thought it was amazing.  This  volume of MISCELLANEA CURIOSA is ' a collection of Voyages" but it is... Continue Reading →

A couple of Incunables

Jacopo de Voragine, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis et Quadragesimales Lyons: [Jean Bachelier and Pierre Bartelot], 8 Aug. 1499        $15,000 Quarto in eight s, 8 x 5.5 in. Three parts in the following order: Sermones de... Continue Reading →

In the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola (1491–1556), founder of the Society, recommended that Jesuits follow the doctrines of Saint Thomas in theology and those of Aristotle in logic, natural philosophy, ethics, and metaphysics. After Loyola, the official... Continue Reading →

Henricus de Herpf (c. 1410-1477) Sermones de tempore et de sanctis.   Speyer: Peter Drach, [after 17 January 1484, not after 1486] sold Folio: 31.4 x 21.5 cm. 428 leaves, 48 lines, two columns. Collation: “1”8, “2”10, a-m8, n6, o-p8,... Continue Reading →

What I like about Libraries

No One really knows what is in any Library. It is the undiscovered potential which even in the 'digital' age which keeps one wanting to 'know what you know"*2_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1%2Egmp_4008284%2Egde_4008284_member_264923415

First depiction of a dinosaur fossil !!

Feeling Like a Fossil myself quite often, I guess it would seem natural that an attempt to understand the remains of the nonexistent would be comfortable territory for me. l   Including The First Printed Illustration of a Dinosaur Fossil... Continue Reading →

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