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May 2016

Glasgow Incunabula Project update (24/3/16)

Bartholomaeus Anglicus!

University of Glasgow Library Blog

From the start it has been our intention to make GIP a truly ‘Glasgow’ project and our project researcher Jack Baldwin has been visiting other city institutions in the past year to examine and describe all the fifteenth century books known. Delighted to be sharing the results of this collaborative effort, we are now adding details of these incunabula into the project website. The latest uploaded batch therefore documents one book from Strathclyde University Archives and Special Collections, and five books from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.

Colophon from Praepositus (or not!): Strathclyde University Colophon from Praepositus (or not!): Strathclyde University

It is fascinating to see the overlap in the various Glasgow collections. Chemistry is an obvious connection between our rare book collections and those of Strathclyde University. The Strathclyde copy of the pharmaceutical treatise Dispensarium ad aromatarios by Nicolaus Praepositus is from the collection of James “Paraffin” Young (1811-1883). This fantastic…

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Incunabula! 1476-1495

"Incunabula is the plural of the Latin word incunabulum, a cradle. Evolving from its original meaning, incunabulum came to mean "place of birth" or "beginning." In the world of books, the word incunabula refers to books that were printed using... Continue Reading →

St. Bonaventure

I find St Bonaventure still offers me inspiration and peace.


Saint Bonaventure Saint Bonaventure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Monday marks the Feast Day of one of the great figures in Franciscan history – St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio – as well as the eighth anniversary of our Franciscan presence in this historic downtown parish.  St. Bonaventure is a good model of what it means to be a Franciscan, while at the same time being a priest in leadership positions in a parish.  Bonaventure reminded the friars of his day that our first vocation is as “brother.”  At the core of our charism, we are a fraternity in mission to the People of God striving to continue our Order’s 800-year-old mission:  bringing the Gospel into the everyday experience of men and women through our life in fraternity and compassionate service to all.

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Early books by English Catholics.

    716G John Fisher 1469-1535 Defesio Regie asser=tionis cotra Babylonica captiuitate, per Reuerendum patre & D.D. Joha- nem Roffensem Episcopu. In qua re- spondet pro illustrissimo, eodeq[ue] doctissimo Anglor[um] Rege Henrico .viij. fidei defensore, ad maledicen- tissi-mum Martini Lutheri... Continue Reading →

Driving Around Looking! (for early Books) AAAWT

When I NEED to get away from my Desk, Computer, Reading Chair... I often go for a drive, I like to look at old stuff, antiques, books, buildings,paintings... And one of my favorite places to drive to is Antique Associates at... Continue Reading →

Twenty Two early books represented in fewer than 5 copies in the United States

VERY RARE, O (no other copies Listed in the US)  813G Jadertinus, Octavius.; Poletus, Andreas; Iadertinus, Octavius Iadertino, Octavio, O.F.M.(1646-1715) Prolegomenon biblicae sapientiae et scoticae disciplinae : In quo cum doctoris subtilis theologorum principis prohemialibus contexta paraenesi ad sacras scripturas... Continue Reading →

Five Tracts from the (pre)Counter-Reformation 1525

817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De confessione secreta. sold 817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De quaestionum generibus.sold 817G Latomus, Iacobus, 1479-1544. De ecclesia et humnae legis obligatione. sold 818G Cochlaeus, Johannes, 1479-1552. Pia exhortatio Romae ad Germaniam. sold          ... Continue Reading →

Henry Hawkins, Jesuit priest and author (1577 – 1646)

Recusants and renegades

A page from Henry Hawkins' 'Partheneia sacra' The frontispiece to Henry Hawkins’ ‘Partheneia sacra’ (1632)

Henry Hawkins, the Jesuit priest and author, is probably the best-known of the children of Sir Thomas Hawkins of Boughton-under-Blean. The Boughton parish register for the year 1577 includes the following entry:

The 8th of Octobr was bapt. Henrie Haukyns the sonne of Thomas Haukyns the younger.

It seems likely that Henry was privately educated at home; we know that his father employed a Mr Greene, a recusant schoolmaster, at the family home at Nash Hall, Boughton. Following the example of his older brother Thomas, Henry then attended Gloucester Hall, Oxford (the predecessor of Worcester College), matriculating on 3rd November 1592 at the age of fourteen. In a report to the government about recusancy at the University in 1577, the year of Henry Hawkins’ birth, it was stated that Gloucester Hall was ‘greatly suspected’ of being a refuge for recusants. A…

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Henry Hawkins, Jesuit priest and author (1577 – 1646)

Henry Hawkins, the Jesuit priest and author, is probably the best-known of the children of Sir Thomas Hawkins of Boughton-under-Blean. The Boughton parish register for the year 1577 includes the fo… Source: Henry Hawkins, Jesuit priest and author (1577 - 1646)

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