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From the start it has been our intention to make GIP a truly ‘Glasgow’ project and our project researcher Jack Baldwin has been visiting other city institutions in the past year to examine and describe all the fifteenth century books known. Delighted to be sharing the results of this collaborative effort, we are now adding details of these incunabula into the project website. The latest uploaded batch therefore documents one book from Strathclyde University Archives and Special Collections, and five books from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.

Colophon from Praepositus (or not!): Strathclyde University Colophon from Praepositus (or not!): Strathclyde University

It is fascinating to see the overlap in the various Glasgow collections. Chemistry is an obvious connection between our rare book collections and those of Strathclyde University. The Strathclyde copy of the pharmaceutical treatise Dispensarium ad aromatarios by Nicolaus Praepositus is from the collection of James “Paraffin” Young (1811-1883). This fantastic…

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