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January 2016

New-England judged,Quaker persecution

778G New-England judged, by the spirit of the Lord. In two parts. First, Containing a brief relation of the sufferings of the people call’d Quakers in New-England, from the Time of their first Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to... Continue Reading →

a book from the outside in, The Life of Spinola!

Polybiblion: Revue Bibliographique Universelle, Volume 76 – states (in French) that Docteur Bouland publishes a brochure adorned with beautiful engravings: The Foundation of Father Joachim Faucher and Vex-libris of PP. Jesuits of Avignon (Macon, imp. Protat, gr. in-8 4 p.... Continue Reading →

What Lies Inside

Source: What Lies Inside

The Jesuit Ordeal II: Satire and Suppression

Decimus Juvenalis & Persius Translated and Illustrated

737G                        Juvenal and Persius        trans. Barten Holyday 1593-1661             Decimus Junius Juvenalis, And Aulus Persius Flaccus Translated and Illustrated, As well with Sculpture as Notes. By Barten Holyday, D.D. and late Arch-Deacon of Oxon.        Oxford: Printed by W. Downing,... Continue Reading →

The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

Source: The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

Saint Augustin, his dialogic monologue

394G                        Saint Augustine                 tr. John Floyd 1572 - 1649 The meditations, soliloquia, and manual of the glorious doctor St. Augustine. Translated into English.                   London : printed for Matthew Turner at the Lamb in High-Holbourn, 1686.        $1,100 Octavo  A-T12  ... Continue Reading →

The Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits.

  643G               Clement PP XIV         1769-1774 (born 1705) (Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli)   Clemens PP. XIV. ad perpetuam rei memoriam : Dominus ac redemptor noster Jesus Christus    [bound with] Clemens PP. XIV. ad futuram rei memoriam : Gravissimis ex... Continue Reading →

Ignatius his conclave. John Donne

001H Donne, John (1573-1631) Paradoxes, Problemes, Essayes, characters, written by Dr Donne Dean of Pauls: to which is added a book of epigrams: written in Latin by the same author; translated into English by J: Maine, D.D. As also Ignatius... Continue Reading →

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