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January 2016

New-England judged,Quaker persecution

778G New-England judged, by the spirit of the Lord. In two parts. First, Containing a brief relation of the sufferings of the people call’d Quakers in New-England, from the Time of their first Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to... Continue Reading →

a book from the outside in, The Life of Spinola!

Polybiblion: Revue Bibliographique Universelle, Volume 76 – states (in French) that Docteur Bouland publishes a brochure adorned with beautiful engravings: The Foundation of Father Joachim Faucher and Vex-libris of PP. Jesuits of Avignon (Macon, imp. Protat, gr. in-8 4 p.... Continue Reading →

What Lies Inside

Source: What Lies Inside

The Jesuit Ordeal II: Satire and Suppression

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Portrait of the Marquis of Pombal, owned by the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis. Portrait of the Marquis of Pombal, owned by the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis.

In 1759, the Prime Minister of Portugal, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo (later the Marquis of Pombal), convinced his king to expel the Jesuits. Carvalho justified his actions through continued attacks on the Jesuits in a string of French publications, printed in Paris.

Meanwhile, half a world away on the Caribbean island of Martinique, a French Jesuit named Père Antoine La Valette faced mounting debts, his investments lost in the ongoing Seven Years War. As La Valette’s financial struggles became an increasingly public problem, a desperate struggle ensued over the reputation the Jesuit Order.

Carvalho found a ready audience for his invective in France because he attacked the propriety of one of the Jesuits’ most prized memories, their missionary successes among the Guaraní of Paraguay. Although Carvalho’s accusations were being published in French no later than 1758, the French literati

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Decimus Juvenalis & Persius Translated and Illustrated

737G                        Juvenal and Persius        trans. Barten Holyday 1593-1661             Decimus Junius Juvenalis, And Aulus Persius Flaccus Translated and Illustrated, As well with Sculpture as Notes. By Barten Holyday, D.D. and late Arch-Deacon of Oxon.        Oxford: Printed by W. Downing,... Continue Reading →

The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

Source: The Theologia, Brierley & the Grindletonians

Saint Augustin, his dialogic monologue

394G                        Saint Augustine                 tr. John Floyd 1572 - 1649 The meditations, soliloquia, and manual of the glorious doctor St. Augustine. Translated into English.                   London : printed for Matthew Turner at the Lamb in High-Holbourn, 1686.        $1,100 Octavo  A-T12  ... Continue Reading →

The Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits.

  643G               Clement PP XIV         1769-1774 (born 1705) (Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli)   Clemens PP. XIV. ad perpetuam rei memoriam : Dominus ac redemptor noster Jesus Christus    [bound with] Clemens PP. XIV. ad futuram rei memoriam : Gravissimis ex... Continue Reading →

Ignatius his conclave. John Donne

001H Donne, John (1573-1631) Paradoxes, Problemes, Essayes, characters, written by Dr Donne Dean of Pauls: to which is added a book of epigrams: written in Latin by the same author; translated into English by J: Maine, D.D. As also Ignatius... Continue Reading →

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