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October 2020

The first book In Irish type printed by Typis Sacræ Congreg. de Propaganda Fide

380J   Francis Molloy. fl 1660 Lucerna fidelium, seu, Fasciculus decerptus ab authoribus magis versatis, qui tractarunt de doctrina Christiana : divisus in tres partes. Romæ : Typis Sacræ Congreg. de Propaganda Fide, M DC LXXVI [1676]     $5,500... Continue Reading →

A brief walkthrough of the Mass: Lections, Responses, and Gospel

I enjoyed reading this!

An early fifteenth century manuscript Homiliary

281J           Early 15th century  Homiliary   {Homiliarius doctorum qui omiliarius dici solet ... Hieronymi Augustini, Ambrosii, Jo. Chrysostomi, Gregorii, Origenis, Bede et complures ..}?  St Augustine (354- 430),  John Christomos  (349-407) St Benedict , Pope Leo ... Continue Reading →

Dogs in early printed books

I love dogs in early books thus my logo!

‘ERESIE’ I choose with my own human reason…

The guilt of heresy is measured not so much by its subject-matter as by its formal principle, which is the same in all heresies: revolt against a Divinely constituted authority. Heresiology "Why Is Contemporary Scholarship So Enamored of Ancient Heretics?"... Continue Reading →

The fist Published Irish Author: Richard FitzRalph. (circa 1300-1360)

First edition of the second published work by the author of the first book by an Irishman to be printed (1483 Defensorium Curatorum ) and consequently, for example, his theory of dominion was still being discussed in the sixteenth century.... Continue Reading →

New Catalogue for Fall 2020 Fascicule XXII follow the link above to see a pdf of the catalogue! fascicule XXII October 2020 New Catalogue for fall part 1FASCICULE XXII​ October. 2020 Books from 1460-1520   Click the links to see a PDF of fascicule XXII35 books described (at length),... Continue Reading →

CERL Newsletter (June 2020)

CERL newsletter

The Golden Age of the Jagiellonian Dynasty, that is, how a library can go virtual during the pandemic times

In responce to covid 19, a tour from afar

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