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November 2017

Kircher and The first published illustration of a magic lantern.

This part one of a group of blogs on Kircher's  Ars magna lucis et umbrae this books covers such a broad scope I've picked a few subjects to focus on and today Will be the Macic Latern  "De Lucerna[e] Magicae"... Continue Reading →

Joco-seriorum naturæ et artis, sive, Magiæ naturalis centuriæ tres

679G Gaspar Schott ( Aspasius Caramuelius) ; Athanasius Kircher 1608-1666 Joco-seriorum naturæ et artis, sive, Magiæ naturalis centuriæ tres, das ist, Drey-Hundert nütz- und lustige Sätze allerhand merckwürdiger Stücke, von Schimpff und Ernst, genommen auss der Kunst und Natur, oder... Continue Reading →

The demonstration of Antichrist

This rare[N.America :Folger & Huntington (only) ] little book in quite a formal way "And this we thus proue:" By quoting Church fathers, from Clemens Romanus to St Augustine, that the Pope must be the Anti-christ.     *** 670G  ... Continue Reading →

A survey of the cities of London and Westminster

"Because I know that time is always time And place is always place and only place And what is actual is actual only for one time And only for one place" Ash Wednesday T.S. Eliot. 1930   Before giving a... Continue Reading →

Hugh Latimer The First& …. Sermon preached before King Edward, March 8, 1549

"Of all the English Reformers, Bishop Hugh Latimer was the most popular in his time and probably has the greatest place in the affections of posterity.   Although a passionate preacher and a zealot for reform, in a day when religious... Continue Reading →

Characters of Distinction between true and pretending Prophets are laid down.            1665

Todays book is as much fun to read as Brown's Pseudoxia Epidemica , Like Brown Spencer is battling against superstition, with reason and natural history as his weapon and defense.  940G     John Spencer, Dean of Ely             1630-1693 A Discourse... Continue Reading →

Mediavilla, on Lombards Sentences and Demonology! 1477

957G Richard [Middleton], d. 1302/3 Commentum super quartem Sententarium.. Venice: Christophorus Arnoldus, [circa 1476-7]   $22,000 Folio 12 1⁄4 9 1⁄4 inches. a-z10 [et]10 [cum]10 [per]10 A 10 B-D8 (D8v blank and aa1r blank) aa8 bb10 cc8 {320 leaves Second... Continue Reading →

Physica Curiosa 1662 Gaspar Schott

563G Gaspar Schott 1608-1666 {Parts One and Two in two bindings } (Only three complete copies of this massive opus have come to auction in the last thirty-five years) P. Gasparis Schotti Regis Curiani E Societate Jesu, Olim in Panormitano... Continue Reading →

I had the honor of owning this one for a while.

It is now at SMU via ¶ Boethius — De philosophico consolatu (1501)

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