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July 2018

Cyril Edwards (Interview)

via Cyril Edwards (Interview). Avery important book which has evaded too many English speakers

The “Praeparitio” is a gigantic feat of erudition

an extended description!

Fascicule XII July MMXIII (500 year old books)

Fascicule XII July MMXIII To download a copy of this fascicule click below. A down loadable printable copy of fascicule XII OR Microsoft Word - F-XII∞.docx 1) 832g  manuscript breviary                       ... Continue Reading →

Two manuscripts in one.

  2) 181J    Psalterium Latinum.   A fifteenth century Manuscript Psalter Surrounded on every page by an untitled 18thcentury English History manuscript. Tours, France circa 1430 $95,000  Quarto: 19.5 X 14 cm.  171 parchment leaves plus 1 unsigned with vertical catchwords. A... Continue Reading →

Das Narrenschiff / Ship of fools

Das Narrenschiff

The ship of fools is an allegory, originating from Book VI of Plato's Republic, about a ship with a dysfunctional crew: Plato. "VI". Republic. Translated by Jowett, Benjamin. Imagine then a fleet or a ship in which there is a... Continue Reading →


174J   Niocola de Orbellis  (ca 1400-1475) Eximii doctoris magistri Nicholai de orbellis super sentencias compendium per utile, elegantiora doctoris subtilis dicta summatim complectens. Rouen : Martin Morin, for Jean Alexandre, 1497   [about 1500]          $13,000 Octavo, 61/2 x 4 inches Signatures:... Continue Reading →

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