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July 2020

Rue Saint-Jacques (Paris)

A great local history .

On Books, Streets & Migrant Footprints


Rue Saint-Jacques once was a major passage in the Quartier Latin of old Paris before it was turned into a backstreet with the creation of the Boulevard Saint-Germain as part of Haussmann’s regeneration scheme of the capital. It was the starting point for pilgrims to make their way along the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle that led eventually to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia where the remains of the apostle Saint James are supposed to be buried. The Paris base of the Dominican Order was established in 1218 in the Chapelle Saint-Jacques. However, it was not for religion or piety that the street won its reputation, but for the crucial role it played in the history of French printing.


In 1466, German-born Johann Heynlin obtained a doctorate in theology at the Sorbonne. Three years later he was elected Rector of the university and became Professor of Theology. He established of the first…

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‘vivitur in genio’, Metaxis discovered Gisbert Cuper and the re)discovery of Harpocrates

  388J  Gisbert Cuper. 1644-1716 Gisb. Cuperi Harpocrates, Sive Explicatio imaguncluæ argenteæ perantiquæ; quæ in figuram Harpocratis formata representat Solem. Ejusdem Monumenta Antiqua Inedita. Multi Auctorum loci, multæ Inscriptiones, Marmora, Nummi, Gemmæ, varii ritus, & Antiquitates in utroque Opusculo emendantur... Continue Reading →

ANNOUNCING A NEW SHORT CATALOGUE # 222 English tranche i (authors-A-H) A catalogue of 30 Early English books (authors-A-H)

ANNOUNCING A NEW SHORT CATALOGUE # 222 English tranche i (authors-A-H) A catalogue of 30 Early English books (authors-A-H)

New Online Catalogue Fascicule XXII

Fascicule XXII consists fo 47 Early books on various and interesting subjects! Follow the Link  and Please Enjoy            HERE Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII Fascicule XXII

Epicteti Enchiridion made English, in a poetical paraphrase.


“First encyclopedia of Classical iconography.”The Early Modern mythographic tradition. Vincenso Cartari

343J  Vincenso Cartari.   1531–1569 Seconda novissima editione delle Imagini de gli dei delli antichi di Vicenzo Cartari ...Ridotte da capo a piedi alle loro reali, & non più per l'adietro osseruate simiglianze. cauate da'marmi, bronzi, medaglie, gioie, & altre memorie... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther On the “The Sermon on the Mount”

Luther, Martin Luther (1483-1546) Das fünffte, Sechste vnd Siebend Capitel S. Matthei. Wittenberg ,Joseph Klug 1532. Luther preached these sermons on Matthew 5-7 on Wednesdays in 1530-32 while Bugenhagen, the regular weekday Preacher, was away in Lubeck on Reformation-related business. :... Continue Reading →

Martials Epigrammata Aldus 1517

One of the most influential satirical poets of all time. MARTIALIS, Marcus Valerius Martialis Epigrammata. [liber I - XIIII] Venezia, eredi di Aldo Manuzio e Andrea Torresano, 1517. Rare second Aldine edition that follows the first of 1501. Octavo, 160... Continue Reading →

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