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May 2023

Enquiries into Vulgar and Common Errors 1686

883G Sir Thomas Browne 1605-1682 The Works of the learned Sr Thomas Brown, Kt. Doctor of Physick, late of Norwich.containing I. Enquiries into Vulgar and Common Errors. II Religio Medici: With Annotations and Observations upon it. III. Hydriotaphia; or, Urn-Burial:... Continue Reading →

Mediavilla, on Lombards Sentences and Demonology! 1477

957G Richard [Middleton], d. 1302/3 Commentum super quartem Sententarium.. Venice: Christophorus Arnoldus, [circa 1476-7]   $22,000 THE WEBSITE LINK Folio 12 1⁄4 9 1⁄4 inches. a-z10 [et]10 [cum]10 [per]10 A 10 B-D8 (D8v blank and aa1r blank) aa8 bb10 cc8... Continue Reading →

Juan Eusebio Nieremberg S.J.’s Book on the wonders of nature, the realities of fabulous monsters. 1643

AS Advertised this book is indeed ; "Very useful work, not only for the curious, but also for Scriptural scholars, Philosophers, and Physicians." 676J Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, S.J. 1595-1658 CVRIOSA Y OCVLTA FILOSOFIA. PRIMERA, Y SEGVNDA PARTE de las marauillas de... Continue Reading →

An alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery 1710

543J. William Salmon 1644-1713 The family-dictionary; or, Household companion: Containing, in an alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery, in dressing flesh, fowl, fish, herbs, boots, &c. Seasoning, making sauces, bills of fare, art of carving, &c. II. Making all sorts of... Continue Reading →

A Very Fine Sammelband of Six Aristotle Science Texts from the sixteenth century.

ARISTOTELES. Physicorum Aristotelis libri. [Of Physics]. Joanne Argyropylo & Francis. Vatablo interprete. Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De caelo libri quatuor. [Of Heaven]. I. Argyropylo interprete. 115, [21] pp. Printer's device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1553 (ms. change to 1558).Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De... Continue Reading →

Against deceitful & superstitious arts. 1592

Against deceitful and superstitious arts: that is, On magic, on the observation of dreams, and on astrological divination, three books.

The “Praeparitio” is a gigantic feat of erudition.

945G     Eusebius of Caesarea                  c. 260-c. 340 Eusebius Pa[m]phili de eua[n]gelica preparac[i]o[n]e ex greco in latinu[m] translatus Incipit feliciter.                [ Cologne, Ulrich Zel, not after 1473]                          $18,000 Folio 10 ¾  x 7 ¾  inches. [a]12, [b-o]10, [p]8      One of... Continue Reading →

The Secretum Secretorum is :

“One of the most widely read texts of the High Middle Ages or even the most-read”.  659J. Aristotle (pseudo) Tr  Johannes Lorchner.  Rāzī, Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā Abū Bakr al-; (864?-925?). Das aller edlest und bewertest Regiment der gesundtheyt, Auch von allen verßorgen Künsten... Continue Reading →

TWO RARE commentaries on Aristotle, printed in Salamanca 1497 and Venice 1505

672J    Petrus, de Alvernia. ±1304 Expositio Magistrate super quttuor libris Meteororum Aristotelis. Salamanca :  [Printer of Nebrissensis, 'Gramática'], 20 Nov. 1497.  price $49,000 Contemporary limp vellum. Folio. 30 x 21 cm. Signatures; A8 b6-e6 f4 g6h1 (lacking h2-3)h4-x6 y4.   Half title, The first and last... Continue Reading →

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