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July 2019

The First printed tribute to Gutenberg with a date.(1440)

307J Eusebius of Caesarea 260-c. 340   Eusebii Caesariensis episcopi chronicon id est temporum breuiarium incipit foeliciter: quem Hieronymus praesbiter diuino eius ingenio Latinum facere curauit: et vsque in Valente[m] Cesarem Romano adiecit eloquio. Que[m] et Prosper deinde Matheus Palmerius... Continue Reading →

The french rogue: or, the life of Monsieur Ragoe de Versailles.

3324J Frequently, but incorrectly, attributed to Charles de Fieux, Chevalier de Mouhy, but possibly by Richard Head, author of ’The English rogue’.(1665) The french rogue: or, the life of Monsieur Ragoe de Versailles. Containing his parentage, monstrous birth, early rogueries,... Continue Reading →


So: I bought a forgery, certainly the Dealer I bought it from didn't know, and I was just a little to curious to miss it. myself...."SORTE TANDEM" 963G Thomaso Porcacchi approximately 1530-1585?, A CURIOUS FORGERY Historia dell'origine et successione dell'Illustrissima... Continue Reading →

A female autobiography. Ecstasy and distress

Madeleine Vigneron (1628-1667) La vie et la conduite spirituelle de Mademoiselle M. Vigneron. Suivant les mémoires qu'elle en a laissez par l'ordre de son directeur (M. Bourdin). [Arranged and edited by him.]. Paris: Chez Pierre de Launay, 1689.    ... Continue Reading →

The Derby Post-man

The Derby Post -Man: "Up to the year 1719/20 there does not appear to have been any printing done in Derby. Probably the earliest production of the Derby press is the first number of The Derby Postman, a quarto Thursday... Continue Reading →

Thomas Aquinas Summa Pars prima (second edition)

269J Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274 Summa theologiae: Pars prima. Ed: Franciscus de Neritono, Petrus Cantianus, and Joannes Franciscus. Venice : [Nicolaus Jenson] 1477.   $ 13,000   Folio 10 ½ x 7 inches. a8, b-z8, [&]8, [Rho]8,[Psi]8, A8-H8, I-L10, M12  (lacking three... Continue Reading →

Amusements serious and comical!

  309J Tom Brown Amusements serious and comical calculated for the meridian of London. By Mr. Tho. Brown. London : Printed for John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall 1700. $1,100 Octavo 7 ½ X 4 ¼ inches His best-known works, apart from... Continue Reading →

Household companion:

308J. William Salmon 1644-1713   The family-dictionary; or, Household companion: Containing, in an alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery, in dressing flesh, fowl, fish, herbs, boots, &c. Seasoning, making sauces, bills of fare, art of carving, &c. II. Making all... Continue Reading →

Proteus redivivus: the art of wheedling or insinuation

306J   Richard Head 1637?-1686?. Proteus redivivus: the art of wheedling or insinuation, in general and particular conversations and trades. Together with the several actions, inclinations and passions of both sexes, and of all their professions and occupations. Discovering their... Continue Reading →

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