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April 2020

The fatal effects of arbitrary power.

397J Anthony Perez d.1611 The fatal effects of arbitrary power, and the dangerous condition of court-favourites, demonstrated by the wicked intrigues of the court of Philip II. King of Spain. That Prince’s Cruelty and Falshood. The execrable Practices of envious... Continue Reading →

The first English book to introduce the concept of “DISTANCING”

While contemplating the concept of Distancing (as a gerund ) I wondered when that happened , and that led me to John Webb 1625-1693, tr. who translated book 8 of Hymen's Præludia... which just happened to be on my to... Continue Reading →

‘vivitur in genio’, Metaxis discovered Gisbert Cuper and the re)discovery of Harpocrates

  388J  Gisbert Cuper. 1644-1716 Gisb. Cuperi Harpocrates, Sive Explicatio imaguncluæ argenteæ perantiquæ; quæ in figuram Harpocratis formata representat Solem. Ejusdem Monumenta Antiqua Inedita. Multi Auctorum loci, multæ Inscriptiones, Marmora, Nummi, Gemmæ, varii ritus, & Antiquitates in utroque Opusculo emendantur... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XXII 11 more books . Media Plaga ‡ Aprili MMXX

'VIVITUR INGENIO'   392J. Albrecht DÜRER 1471-1528, Translator Giovanni Paolo Gallucci,; 1538-1621? Di Alberto Durero pittore, e geometra chiarissimo. Della simmetria dei corpi humani. Libri quattro : Nuouamente tradotti dalla lingua Latina nella Italiana, da M. Gio. Paolo Gallucci Salodiano. Academico... Continue Reading →

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