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November 2023

Two JESUIT books on Demonic “obsession” or “speaking in unknown languages and hungering for raw meat” by Thyraeus 1598

To continue my blogs on Jesuits writings on the occult and arcane, today I have a sammelband of two books by Petrus Thyraeus SJ. 682J Petrus Thyraeus (1546–1601) Daemoniaci, hoc est: De obsessis a spiritibus daemoniorum hominibus, liber unus: in... Continue Reading →

Fascicule #50 will soon be in the mail! 

fifty early printed books (15th & 16th century) many Illustrated on many suprizing subjects !

English Women in the 17th century: by, for and about. Four books 1600-1684.

FIRST : #749J.  Nathan Parkhurst 1643-1707. The faithful and diligent Christian described and exemplified. Or, A sermon (with some additions,) preached at the funeral of the Lady Elizabeth Brooke, the relict of Sir Robert Brooke Kt. of Cockfield-Hall in Yoxford, Suffolk.... Continue Reading →

Elizabethan Exorcisms

752J  Darrell, John 1562- 1602 A detection of that sinnful, shamful, lying, and ridiculous discours, of Samuel Harshnet. entituled: A discouerie of the fravvdulent practises of Iohn Darrell wherein is manifestly and apparantly shewed in the eyes of the world. not only the... Continue Reading →

3 Early books for teaching a history of the printed book class.

This Blog is inspired by the two book shows I did last month, these three books seemed to excite many university librarians and their students. One of the books, The Quintilian , prompted Sidney Berger to say: " I could... Continue Reading →

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