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February 2023

537Ji-v A Sammelband of five printed books. Four from the early sixteenth century and one printed in the late fifteenth. On reformist liturgy 1499-1515.

 537Ji-v This volume is Sammelband of five printed books. Four from the early sixteenth century and one printed in the late fifteenth. Basel, Mainz, Oppenheim, Speyer, Straßburg, 1499-1515. Price $ 16,000 Five Chancery Quarto volumes, 20 x 15.5 cm These copies... Continue Reading →

Walter Burley on Aristotle’s Ethics

284J Aristotle , Gualtherus Burlaeus. (Walter Burley (c. 1275–1344/5 )) Expositio Gualteri Burlei super decem Libros Ethicorum Aristotelis (Contains the text of Robert Grosseteste's translation of the Nicomachean Ethics) Venice: Simon de Luere for Andreas Torresanus, 4 September 1500  ... Continue Reading →

The Letters of Ficino 1497

The Letters of Marsilio Ficino represent an essential core of his thought and influence as a chief architect of the Platonic and Hermetic revival, the philosophical and revelatory center of the new learning that was revamping religious vision and humanistic... Continue Reading →

ON the verge of the reformation, an incunabula annotated, and owned by A Humanist/proto-Reformer….1480 Zainer, Compendium theologicae veritatis [with table by Thomas Dorniberg] Annotated by Jacob Hartlieb active 1493-1513.  

 438J  Ripelin, Hugo 1205-1270 (formerly ascribed to Albertus Magnus)  IV438J   Ripelin, 1478.     Compendium theologicae veritatis [with table by Thomas Dorniberg]  Ulm: Johann Zainer, ca. 1478-80). [not after 1480]  [CIBN dates this as not after 1480 from the date of rubrication in Württemberg LB copy (cf. Amelung, Frühdruck)] furthermore a copy in the Klemm collection, at Leipzig has a rubricator’s date: “1481”   ... Continue Reading →

Henry Suso: Servent to Eternal Wisdom A rare and wonderful copy!

"In the second half of the fourteenth and in the fifteenth century there was no more widely read meditation book in the German language." (CE 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. Cologne: Johann Landen,... Continue Reading →

Orosius: Ireland, Dante, History

The first contemporary textual witness to Christianity in Ireland. Orosius’s text had a wide diffusion, and the chief works of Christian historiography in future centuries, down to Dante’s Commedia, were based on it.  (Conti Latin Literature A History p. 702-703)

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