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October 2014

Wonderful prodigies of judgment and mercy…

  631G  Crouch, Nathaniel 1632?-1725?, Robert Burton = Nathaniel Crouch, the compiler..        Wonderful prodigies of judgment and mercy, discovered in near three hundred memorable histories: containing I. Dreadful Judgments upon Atheists, perjur'd Persons, Blasphemers, Swearers, Cursers and Scoffers. II.... Continue Reading →

Anthropometamorphosis: = man transform’d: or, the artificiall changling

So,a day doesn't go by in which I don't see a tattoo or an interesting piercing or some one with 'gauges' It is reassuring to see that this expressive use of ones personal body while, ancient and maybe even natural... Continue Reading →

Drawing with a Camera Lucida

This is neat, and I will discuss Durer, Vermeer and Kircher soon!

Echoes from the Vault

Back before the days of photography, society relied on the ‘artist’s impression’ to see people they would never meet or places they would never go. Artists used drawing aids such as mirrors, prisms, lenses, and camera obscuras (Latin for dark room, although strictly speaking the plural should be camerae obscurae) to fine-tune their craft. In 1808 William Wollaston invented and patented the camera lucida which became very popular, very quickly. The camera lucida (Latin for light room), is simply a brass stand with a prism and a few lenses.

The camera lucida is still being used today, albeit by a select few who can get their hands on one (see note below). While seeking inspiration for yet another blog, I happened to stumble upon (not literally of course) ‘Forty Etchings, from sketches made with the Camera Lucida, in North America, in 1827 and 1828’ by Captain Basil Hall…

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A narrative of the miseries of New-England, by reason of an arbitrary government erected there.

It Has been a while (maybe two weeks) since I've been so excited by a Book in my stock!610G Increase Mather Like so many books, this is a bit of a sleeper, reading really pays off in this case. I... Continue Reading →

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