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June 2016

Oh to be a POLYHISTOR !

455G Daniel George Morhof 1639-1691 Danielis Georgi[i] Morhofi[i] Polyhistor Literarivs Philosophicvs Et Practicvs : Maximam Partem Opvs Posthvmvm, Accvrate revisum, emendatum, ex Autoris Annotationibus ..., & mss. aliis, ... auctum, ... suppletum ... duabusque praefationibus, sive diatribis isagogicis prolixioribus, T.... Continue Reading →

The Works of Ben Jonson

683G Benjamin Jonson ca. 1572-1637 The Works of Ben Jonson, which were formerly Printed in Two Volumes, are now Reprinted in One, to which is added a Comedy, called the New Inn, with Additions never before Published. London: Printed by... Continue Reading →

Sixteenth Century Chaucer,First Speght edition.

831G Geoffrey Chaucer ca. 1340, d. 1400 Workes of our Antient and lerned English Poet, Geffrey Chaucer, newly Printed. Edited by Thomas Speght.     London: Impensis Geor[ge] Bishop , 1598.                  ... Continue Reading →

Guillelmus Parisiensis 1437-1485

Guillelmus Parisiensis 1437-1485

It is always nice to find a book which is Early (1492) textually Important (over 100 editions printed) and very Rare ( this is the only copy in the US) and also very Pretty . Here is a nice one... Continue Reading →

The St Andrews Rolevinck: A Gem in the University’s Collection

I have had three copies of this book and I loved them all, But this one is the Best!

Historiæ Scoticæ nomenclatura Latino-vernacula:

805G Christopher Irvine fl 1638-1685 Historiæ Scoticæ nomenclatura Latino-vernacula: multis flosculis, ex antiquis Albinorum monumentis, & lingua Galeciorum prisca decerptis, adspersa. In gratiam eorum, qui Scotorum nomen, & veritatis numen colunt, Christophorus Irvinus, abs Bon-Bosco, auspice summo numine, concinnavit.  ... Continue Reading →

Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth. (another copy!)

779G Nicholas, ed Ling fl. ca. 1599 Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth. Newly corrected and amended.   London : printed by M. Flesher, and are to be sold by Edward Badger at the Crane in St. Pauls Church-yard1647. $4,900   Duodecimo 5 3/4... Continue Reading →

Dante, Through the Fire

Here’s one of the great moments in poetry: Canto 27 of Dante’s Purgatorio, where Dante passes through the fire, and Virgil crowns him on their way up to the summit of Mount Purgatory. This taken fr… Source: Dante, Through the... Continue Reading →

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