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July 2021

Four English Books from on my : ” In English Books -Wall “

Today, the last Friday of August 2021, I've been looking at the books which are new to my stock and in the English books there aren't any new books I would describe as a Must Have or Supremely Important, yet... Continue Reading →

De Laudib[us] sancte Crucis opus. 1503

469J   Rabanus Maurus. 784-856?  Magnencij Rabani Mauri De Laudib[us] sancte Crucis opus. erudcione versu prosaq[ue] mirificum. edited by Jacobus Wimpheling. Phorçheim. [Pforzheim : In ædibus Thom[ae] Anshelmi., 1503.     $24,000 Folio 31 x 21cm. signatures: Aa6 Bb4 a-k6; A, B6... Continue Reading →

Ortus Sanitatis. Straßburg 1497

499J   "PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEDICAL BOOK PRINTED BEFORE 1500" (Hunt).  499J. (Attributed authors. {see below, (or you can search Authors on the magnifier image))    Ortus Sanitatis.De herbis et plantisDe animalibus & reptilibusDe auibus et volatilibusDe piscibus & natatilibus.        (tibusDe lapidibus & in terra venis nascẽtibusDe vrinis... Continue Reading →

A Hand full of Favorite books from this the . first Covid 19/20/21- year .

Ok maybe a big armful, or a large table full, or let's just say six of my favorite books all with lots of images and long long descriptions. 499J  Ortus Sanitatis. Straßburg 1497353J Alberto da Castello Rosario della gloriosa Vergine Maria 1585469J   Rabanus Maurus. De Laudib[us]... Continue Reading →


Seven interesting (and Rare) English books printed before 1720

1) At Banbury he saw the Puritan who has become proverbial, "Hanging of his Cat on Monday For killing of a Mouse on Sunday." 488J.  Anonymous. By Richard Brathwait. 1588?-1673. Drunken Barnaby’s four journeys to the north of England. In Latin... Continue Reading →

The first published catalogue of the Cottonian Library

Maybe no other book I have in my current stock is more like the Internet than this one? I can spend hours upon hours reading (looking) through this book, An example is this entry: This is entry ” NERO D IV. In modern form Cotton MS Nero D IV (still the same 300 years later.. […]

EROTOMANIA or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or Erotiqve melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of Physick

Jacques Ferrand (b. ca. 1575) EROTOMANIA, OR A TREATISE DISCOURSING OF THE ESSENCE, CAUSES, SYMPTOMES, PROGNOSTICKS, AND CURE OF LOVE, OR EROTIQUE MELANCHOLY. (Oxford: Printed by L. Lichfield, 1640).                      ... Continue Reading →

Three incunabula from Lyptzck [Leipzig]

ISTC has 1429 hits for Leipzig. III. 466J Balthasar de Porta (fl. 1487- 1499)   Expositio Canonis Missae. (Canon sacratissime misse: unacum expositione eiusdem: ubi in primis premittit pulchra contemplatio ante missam habenda de christi pulcritudine. Et quo mo[d]o  ipsa in sua passione: ab eo... Continue Reading →

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