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March 2016

The Destruction of the Huron Missions at the Hands of the Iroquois

Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe (1612-1672) Breve Relatione d’Alcune Missioni de’ PP. della Compagnia di Giesù nella Nuova Francia. Macerata: Heirs of Agostino Grisei, 1653                                  ... Continue Reading →

The Spider and the Flie, A parable of the Spider and the Flie

The Spider and the file is  probably one of my favorite poems of the sixteenth century. Like a morality play this poem is full of argument , dialogue and allegory, and Heywood takes his time to explore this situation, Perhaps I just like it because... Continue Reading →

The New York ABAA Book Show: I am offering a paid internship:

The Position has been filled . This year will be the first year I will be exhibiting at the NY Book Show. I have been hard at work, cataloguing, packing and writing a New Catalogue for this event. In addition... Continue Reading →

The test oath (1672, 1678) (Also known as the DECLARATION OF ATTESTATION OATH.)

This collection of seven books Bound together all deal with The test oath (1672, 1678) (Also known as the DECLARATION OF ATTESTATION OATH.) 730G The seven authors :   ad1) Abraham Woodhead, R. H., 1609-1678.          ... Continue Reading →

Listing my books on ABE !

Today, as I sometimes do, I'll write about the process of being a rare book dealer, or at the least some of the processes I go through, finding,buying and eventually (and hopefully) selling early books. I l think that  the... Continue Reading →

Coryats Crudities: 17th century wanderlust

This is a familiar book, Ive had a few copies and probably will have another soon, then YOU can have one for yourself!

Special Collections and Archives / Casgliadau Arbennig ac Archifau

titlepage The engraved title page of Coryats Crudities (1611). The word “crudities,” like the French “crudités,” suggests something under-cooked or unrefined.

In May 1608, Thomas Coryat of Odcombe set out from London with little money and only one pair of shoes on a voyage that took him through France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Travelling approximately 1,975 miles (3,175 km) alone and unarmed, sometimes walking as far as 36 miles in a single day, he acquired the well-deserved nickname, “the Odcombian Legstretcher.” Returning to England in October, he hung his well-worn shoes in the church at Odcombe (with the rector’s permission) and began compiling his observations into what would become more than 650 pages of descriptive prose, published in 1611 as Coryats Crudities.

verona “A delineation of the Amphitheater of Verona expressed in that forme wherein it flourished in the tyme of the Roman Monarchie, only the greatest part of…

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Gassendi’s Doubts and Instances Against the Metaphysics of René Descartes 1644

781G Pierre Gassendi 1592-1655 Petri Gassendi Disquisitio metaphysica seu dubitationes et instantiae adversus Renati Cartessi metaphysicam & responsa. Amsterodami : Apud Iohannem Blaev ;1644   $ 3,000 Quarto *4, **4, A-Z4, Aa-Rr4   First Edition.  Bound in original full sheep skin with... Continue Reading →

Two incunables from Milan ,1489 and about 1477-80!

776G . Hilarius, Episcopus Pictaviensis (315-367/68) [ed. Cribellus, Georgius,; fl. 1489] Libri Sancti Hilarii de Trinitate contra Arianos, contra Constantium hereticum, contra Auxentium et de synodis fidei catholicae contra Arianos. - Liber Aurelii Augustini de Trinitate. [Georgio Crivellio edente.] Mediolani... Continue Reading →

Two copies of An introduction to the Skill of Musick!

628G John Playford 1623-1687 An introduction to the skill of musick : in three books: by John Playford. Containing I. The Grounds and Principles of Musick, according to the Gamut: In the most Easy Method, for Young Practitioners. II. Instructions... Continue Reading →

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