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February 2016

The Panther Prophesy: A 17th Century Apocalyptic Vision

Special Collections and Archives / Casgliadau Arbennig ac Archifau

Throughout history, there have been a number of apocalyptic sects, groups who believed that the world will end within their own lifetime.  Most recently, we’ve lived through Y2K and the end of the Mayan calendar, but apocalyptic predictions are nothing new.

One example of such a prediction turned up recently in the Cardiff Rare Books Collection in a pamphlet entitled The panther-prophesy, or, A premonition to all people, of sad calamities and miseries like to befal these islands.  Published in 1661 after the restoration of King Charles II, the prophecy purports to be a vision revealed in December of 1653 to “A Person of Honesty and Integrity, but of an extream sence of the Misery … that was coming upon his country,” and is heavily laden with imagery from the book of Revelation.

title_page2 The Panther Prophesy (London, 1661) draws comparisons between contemporary political events and the Biblical apocalypse.

In this…

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Fasciculus geomanticus: Chance? fate?

For those of us who wonder about the, all be it slow, Crashing of the stock market and the growing interest in Fantasy Sports Gambling; Geomancy and its history might be a relevant point of entry into the exploration of the... Continue Reading →

The First English Essayist Cornwallyes NOT Bacon

815F      Sir William Cornwallis d. 1631 Essayes, by Sr William Cornwallyes, the younger, knight. Newlie corrected. London: Printed by Thomas Harper for I. M., 1632           $3,500 Octavo  5 ½ 5 x 3 ½. [A3] missing A1 blank, B-Z8, Aa-Oo8. This... Continue Reading →

Images of the Gods of the Ancients:

523G      Vincenzo Cartari               1531–1569   Imagini Delli Dei De Gl'Antichi Di Vincenzo Cartari Reggiano : Ridotte da capo à piedi alle loro reali, & non più per l'adietro osseruate simiglianze. Cauate da' Marmi, Bronzi, Medaglie, Gioie, & altre memorie antiche;... Continue Reading →

Histoire de Jean de Brienne, Roy de Jerusalem et Empereur de Constantinople.

624G      Joseph-Francois                La Fitau,                 1681-1746   Histoire de Jean de Brienne, Roy de Jerusalem et Empereur de Constantinople. Paris: Charles Moette & Pierre Simon, 1726         $3,000   Octavo   6 ½ X 4 ¼ inches. A-X12, Y1, Z-Bb6. First Edition.... Continue Reading →

‘Adorn’d with Sculptures’ Milton’s Paradise Lost 1688

. . . what in me is dark, Illumine; what is low, raise and support;  that to the height of this great argument I may assert eternal Providence, and justify the ways of God to men. (book I, 22–26)  ... Continue Reading →

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