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August 2021

Two Rare printers, Böttiger and [Lyons]: Jean Pivard.

I. 466J Balthasar de Porta (fl. 1487- 1499) Expositio Canonis Missae. (Canon sacratissime misse: unacum expositione eiusdem: ubi in primis premittit pulchra contemplatio ante missam habenda de christi pulcritudine. Et quo mo[d]o  ipsa in sua passione: ab eo o[mn]ino fuerat ablata.  Qualiterque quilibet celebrans debeat... Continue Reading →


186J Desiderius Erasmus von Rotterdam(1466-1536) The First Tome (and second) or Volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus  upon the newe testament.      Enpriented at London in fletestete at the signe of the sunne by Edwarde Whitchurche, the last daie of Januarie,... Continue Reading →

Seven Jesuit books from the 17th century

1) 620G Lenaert Leys (Lessius) 1554-1623 R.P. Leonardi Lessi E Societate Jesu, Sacrae Theologiae In Academia Louvaniensi Quondam Professoris, De Jure et Justitia Compendium. A quodam Patre eiusdem Societatis compilatum Duaci, [i.e. Douai]. Apud Joannem Serrurier, Typographum juratum, 1640. $2,500... Continue Reading →

5 Incunable with Notes, Provenance, contemporary bindings ….

 I.  466J Balthasar de Porta (fl. 1487-1499)    Expositio Canonis Missae.  (Canon sacratissime misse: unacum expositione eiusdem: ubi in primis premittit pulchra contemplatio ante missam habenda de christi pulcritudine. Et quo mo[d]o  ipsa in sua passione: ab eo o[mn]ino fuerat ablata.  Qualiterque quilibet celebrans debeat esse dispositius incipit foeliciter.)  [Leipzig : Gregorius Böttiger (aka Werman), about 1495.                Price: $16,000  Chancery half-sheet Quarto: 18.5 x12.5 cm. Signatures: aa-dd6, 24 of 24 leaves. Editio princeps, text in gothic letter, including a set of large caps,... Continue Reading →

Sir Francis Drake reviv’d

 509J   Anonmyous.) R.B. = R. Burton, i.e. Nathaniel Crouch The English hero: or, Sir Francis Drake reviv’d being a full account of the dangerous voyages, admirable adventures, notable discoveries, and magnanimous atchievements of that valiant and renowned commander. I. His voyage in... Continue Reading →

100 Plates, Contemporary binding Clasps and a working Vovelle

David, Jan David. 1545?-1613 382J Veridicus christianus: auctore P. Joanne David … Editio altera, auctior. 382J Antverpiæ ex officina Plantiniana, M. DCVI. $5,500 Second edition. This copy is bound in full contemporary blind stamped calf over wooden boards with two... Continue Reading →

Ortus Sanitatis. Straßburg 1497

499J   "PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEDICAL BOOK PRINTED BEFORE 1500" (Hunt).  499J. (Attributed authors. {see below, (or you can search Authors on the magnifier image))    Ortus Sanitatis. De herbis et plantisDe animalibus & reptilibusDe auibus et volatilibusDe piscibus & natatilibus.        (tibusDe lapidibus & in terra venis nascẽtibusDe... Continue Reading →

The First English Catholic New Testament in English, printed at the seminarie at Rhemes 1582

The First English Catholic New Testament in English, printed at the seminarie at Rhemes Printed 29 Years before the King James Bible   226J    The Nevv Testament. The Nevv Testament of Iesus Christ, translated faithfully into English, out of the... Continue Reading →

Martials Epigrammata Aldus 1517

One of the most influential satirical poets of all time. MARTIALIS, Marcus Valerius Martialis Epigrammata. [liber I - XIIII] Venezia, eredi di Aldo Manuzio e Andrea Torresano, 1517. Rare second Aldine edition that follows the first of 1501. Octavo, 160... Continue Reading →

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