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July 2015

“Iterations” Three pairs and a triple, Multiple copies of Early books! {part 1}

Today I have chosen to write about the books which I have multiple copies of, Often I find Libraries which multiple copies of very rare books and I think 'wow I'd like to compare them' so today going through my... Continue Reading →

Ten books in english which are barely represented in American Libraries!

All of the books in today's blog are represented in fewer than 6 libraries in North America. 700G      F.G. = Gregory, Francis .     1625?-1707     Oνομασικὸν βραχύ      (Onomastikon brachy)  sive. Nomenclatura brevis Anglo-Latino-Græca. In usum scholæ Westmonasteriensis. Per... Continue Reading →

More Early Books with Notes and Annotations!

These two annotated books are of different species, but both are common usages for writing in books the first one , The 1684 Almanac has been used as a note-book, bound with 12 extra pages both before and after the... Continue Reading →

A few early books with annotations.

"The study of printed books cannot be limited to their printed contents." -- Anthony Grafton. The engagement early modern readers had/have with their texts is no more clearly depicted than by the notes they have left in their books. After... Continue Reading →

Vermis malae conscientiae hominis impii domesticus carnifex suis coloribus adumbratus.

In this very very rare book ( i could locate only one copy in north america) the Jesuit Paul Zehentner examines and investigates the role of bad conscience throughout the history of the world. Included is a six page section on... Continue Reading →

THE HOLY COURT, Nicholas Caussin (1583-1651)

           688G        Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651..              Sr. T.H. = Sir Thomas Hawkins.           THE HOLY COURT in Three Tomes. Written in French by Nicolas Caussin, S.I. Translated into English by Sr. T.H. and Dedicated to the Queene of... Continue Reading →

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems.

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

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