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March 2019

Four Reformation Pamphlets I Like

197J Martin Luther      (1483-1546) Vrsach vnd antwort. das Junckfrawen. Kloster. Götlich verlassen mügen. Augsburg : Heinrich von Steiner 1523   $SOLD Quarto 6 ¾x 5 ½inches. A4,B2 . Bound in 19thcentury boards. The catalyst for this famous Luther letter was the escape... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Crusade: Invia virtuti nulla est via [Ovid] No way is impassable to virtue.

It is my experience that is is not often that the printer's device matches the subject of the book, but in this case Opornius' device is fitting  and optimistic for a History of the Fourth Crusade from the Byzatine perspective.... Continue Reading →

Thomas Aquinas Summa Pars prima (second edition)

269J Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274 Summa theologiae: Pars prima. Ed: Franciscus de Neritono, Petrus Cantianus, and Joannes Franciscus. Venice : [Nicolaus Jenson] 1477.   $ 13,000   Folio 10 ½ x 7 inches. a8, b-z8, [&]8, [Rho]8,[Psi]8, A8-H8, I-L10, M12  (lacking three... Continue Reading →

Hardouyn Heures on vellum!

N. Heures a lusaige de Romme tout au long sans riens requerir : avec les figures de la vie de lhomme: et la destruction de hierusa=lem. Tout pour le Mieulx. Paris : Par Gillet Hardouyn imprimeur, 1509     $Sold Large Quarto... Continue Reading →

Very Rare Boethius Incunabulum

No copy of this Edition in North America. 10H Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius 480-525 De Consolatione Philosophiae : Sacti thome de aquino super libris boetii de solatoe philosophie comentum cu expositione feliciter incipit. [fol. 168 recto:] In diui Seuerini... Continue Reading →

Notes, Annotations more notes translations …

261J   Marcus Tullius Cicero   edited by Jacques-Louis Strébée( 1480-1550)  M. Tullii Ciceronis ad M. Brutum oratorJacobi Lodoici Strebaei commentariis ab authore ipso recognitis illustratus.   Parisiis : ex officina Michaëlis. Vascosani, 1540            ... Continue Reading →

Manuscript Postilla of Nicholas deLyra

635G de Lyra, Nicolas. 1270-1340 Postilla super Actus Apostolorum, Epistolas Canonicales et Apocalypism. The codex begins Incipit praefatio sancti Hieronymi pr-bti De corpore epist bean Pauli apopot.. Folio, 11 3/4 X 7 3/4. Manuscript on Paper 386 leaves, ca 1460... Continue Reading →

“what joy may you have, that you living to such an age, shall see the blessings of God on your labours while you live” Country House-Wife’s Garden 1631

273J William Lawson (1553/4–1635) A nevv orchard and garden or The best way for planting, grafting, and to make any ground good, for a rich orchard: particularly in the north, and generally for the whole kingdome of England, as in... Continue Reading →

An early fifteenth century manuscript Homiliary

281J           Early 15th century  Homiliary   {Homiliarius doctorum qui omiliarius dici solet ... Hieronymi Augustini, Ambrosii, Jo. Chrysostomi, Gregorii, Origenis, Bede et complures ..}?  St Augustine (354- 430),  John Christomos  (349-407) St Benedict , Pope Leo ... Continue Reading →

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