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September 2019

A Compendium of Practical Music

340J   Christopher Simpson.  (1602/4-1669 or 1674 see below) A Compendium of Practical Music in five parts Teaching, by a new, and easie method,Teaching, by a new, and easie method, 1. The rudiments of song. 2. The principles of composition.... Continue Reading →

Athanasius Kircher: The Man who tried to Know Everything!

632G  Kircher, Athanasius (& Kestler) .          1602-1680   Physiologia Kircheriana Experimentalis, Qua Summa Argumentorum Multitudine & Varietate Naturalium rerum scientia per experimenta Physica, Mathematica, Medica, Chymica, Musica, Magnetica, Mechanica comprobatur atque stabilitur. Quam Ex Vastis Operibus Adm. Revdi. P. Athanasii Kircheri extraxit, & in hunc ordinem per classes redegit Romæ, Anno M. DC. LXXV. Joannes Stephanus […]

Grew and Hale and Browne: Cosmology and Evolution and Muscles

The following books are all interesting English folios from my current stock. 333J Nehemia Grew Cosmologia sacra: or a discourse of the universe as it is the creature and kingdom of God. Chiefly written, to demonstrate the truth and Excellency... Continue Reading →

4 interesting Irish Books!

1) "The earliest instance of a”romance” credited to an Irish writer “ (Sweeney, Ireland and the Printed Word) 334J Roger Boyle ,The Earl of Orrery. (1676-1731) Parthenissa. That most fam’d romance· The six volumes compleat. Composed by the right honourable the... Continue Reading →

New Acquisition: Ioannis Petraloysii Praenestini Missarum Liber Tertius

A very interesting new Acquisition!

My first ‘Short title catalogue’ (No1)

The reason for publishing a short catalogue is to facilitate easier and cheaper shipping so that I can ship anyone who asks for one will get one quickly. If you usually get my catalogues one will be on the way,... Continue Reading →

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