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June 2018

Two Bifolia of a early 12th century Manuscript on vellum writes in proto gothic book hand.

218J   Two Bifolia written in a minuscule from  late 11th or early 12th century proto gothic book hand.(early form of Gothic script of the 11th and 12th centuries) ¶One bifolum. measures 340 x 234 mm and consists of 32 lines on both... Continue Reading →

Four rare English pamphlets

212JFrance. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV) Articles made and published by the King of France, touching the re-establishment and re-appeale of the Iesuits to their liberties in France. With a sentence or decree made and published against them, by the... Continue Reading →

Murder and suicide and the Rye House plot.

Essex’s innocency and honour vindicated: or, Murther, subornation, perjury, and oppression, justly charg’d on the murtherers of that noble lord and true patriot, Arthur (late) Earl of Essex. As proved before the Right Honourable (late) committee of Lords, or ready... Continue Reading →

Richard Archdekin 1618-1693 (alias McGillacuddy)

833G Richard Archdekin 1618-1693 , THEOLOGIA QUADRIPARTITA :POLEMICA, Praecipuas Fidei Controversias, ad brevem, ac facilem Metrodum redactas, PRACTICA, Resolutiones Theologicas, ac omnia prope SACERDOTIS munia accommodatas, SACRA, Apparatum alphabeticum, cum Praxi et Conceptibus Contionum pro singulis anni Dominicis; CATECHETICA, Summam Doctrinae... Continue Reading →

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