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Martha HATFIELD To the Reader, Grace here, and Glory hereafter.

362J James FISHER and [Martha HATFIELD]. The wise virgin: or, A wonderfull narration of the various dispensations of God towards a childe of eleven years of age; wherein as his severity hath appeared in afflicting, so also his goodness both... Continue Reading →

A female autobiography. Ecstasy and distress

Madeleine Vigneron (1628-1667) La vie et la conduite spirituelle de Mademoiselle M. Vigneron. Suivant les mémoires qu'elle en a laissez par l'ordre de son directeur (M. Bourdin). [Arranged and edited by him.]. Paris: Chez Pierre de Launay, 1689.    ... Continue Reading →

Bruno Ganz from @CriterionDaily.

Bruno Ganz: “I Know Now What No Angel Knows” By David Hudson ON FILM / THE DAILY — FEB 18, 2019   Bruno Ganz in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987)The loss of any beloved actor hurts, but there’s an... Continue Reading →

Meditationes vitae Christi

262J  Saint Bonaventura (1217-1274) or rather a Fraticelli,?   Vita christi  [Paris : Philippe Pigouchet, about 1487].             $11,000 Originally assigned by BL to Caillaut and sometimes attributed to Johannes de Caulibus (BBFN Inc p.119f) Quarto 7 3/4... Continue Reading →

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