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“Popish Midwife” Elizabeth Cellier , English Catholic Midwife 1680

409J   Elizabeth Cellier fl 1668-1688 Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered... Continue Reading →

Midwifery and ventriloquism: did Elizabeth Cellier write her own books?

via Midwifery and ventriloquism: did Elizabeth Cellier write her own books?

Authors disguise: Under foreign names; borrow, suppose, pretend to pleasure, encrypt, reverse, turn over, or change from one language to another.

Todays book of wondrous reading , is a book which holds a rare place in the history of Authorship in Literature.   First, in this day and age of disappearing bookstores, it is no longer a common experience to look... Continue Reading →

When the improbable happens


The Seven Wonders of the World!

Philo byzantius. De Septem orbis spectaculis, Leonis Allatii opera nunc primum graece et latine prodit, cum notis. We are all familiar with the phrase “The Seven Wonders of the World” , it is even easy to bring up images of them in our minds,but can you name the seven popularly accepted ones, do they still exist,where […]

Month Two: SILENCE

Nothing but crickets.   No one ever regretted  being silent. ...let him press his lips with a finger to signal silence  and turn into an Harpocrates. It is has been quiet, no sales, no phone calls, no letters eve. I... Continue Reading →

The fatal effects of arbitrary power.

397J Anthony Perez d.1611 The fatal effects of arbitrary power, and the dangerous condition of court-favourites, demonstrated by the wicked intrigues of the court of Philip II. King of Spain. That Prince’s Cruelty and Falshood. The execrable Practices of envious... Continue Reading →

The first English book to introduce the concept of “DISTANCING”

While contemplating the concept of Distancing (as a gerund ) I wondered when that happened , and that led me to John Webb 1625-1693, tr. who translated book 8 of Hymen's Præludia... which just happened to be on my to... Continue Reading →

Metaxis discovered Gisbert Cuper and the re)discovery of Harpocrates

388J  Gisbert Cuper. 1644-1716 Gisb. Cuperi Harpocrates, Sive Explicatio imaguncluæ argenteæ perantiquæ; quæ in figuram Harpocratis formata representat Solem. Ejusdem Monumenta Antiqua Inedita. Multi Auctorum loci, multæ Inscriptiones, Marmora, Nummi, Gemmæ, varii ritus, & Antiquitates in utroque Opusculo emendantur &... Continue Reading →

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