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Nine Pharmacopoeias 1650-1721

538J Bate, Pharmacopoeia Bateana: or, Bate’s dispensatory: 1694 2) 583J Digby,  Touching the cure of wounds by the powder of sympathy: 1658 3) 504J Gibson, The Farriers Dispensatory : 1721 4) 559J Halfpenny, The gentleman’s jockey, and approved farrier: 5)... Continue Reading →

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1505 Ovid with colored Woodcuts!

560J Ovid 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D. With added commentary by  Volsco, Antonio,; active 15th century-16th century, ; writer of Hubertinus,; Clericus Crescentinas,; approximately 1405-1500, ;  Bonisoli, Ognibene,; approximately 1412-1474, ;  Calderino, Domizio,; 1447-1478, ; Zarotti, Cristoforo,; active 1501-1550.  Epistole Heroides Ouidii diligenti castigatio[n]e... Continue Reading →

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Sanctuarium monacharum. Der Klosterfrawen Heiligthumb

575J  Valerio da Venezia, (Giuseppe Ballardini). (1550-1618) Sanctuarium monacharum. Der Klosterfrawen Heiligthumb ; in welchem von volkomner Haltung der dreyen Closter gelibten, Gehorsam, Armuet und Keuschheit, Item von andern Sachen so einer Closterperson zuwissen und zu üben notwendig und nutz sein,... Continue Reading →

Pseudo Seneca, in German ca. 1490 with annotations throughout the text.

546J Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D..& Martin of Braga (c. 515–580) {In fact by Martinus Dumiensis, Archbishop of Braga (Bracara).} Seneca de quattuor virtntibus [sic] cardinalibus cū cōmēto. with [German transl. and adapt. M. de Braga.] Leipzig, Conrad Kachelofen, about... Continue Reading →

Henry Suso: Servent to Eternal Wisdom A rare and wonderful copy!

"In the second half of the fourteenth and in the fifteenth century there was no more widely read meditation book in the German language." (CE 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. 573J  Henricus Suso. (1295-1366)  Horologium aeternae sapientiae. Cologne: Johann Landen,... Continue Reading →

Lyptzck [Leipzig]

ISTC has 1429 hits for Leipzig. Jacobus de Gruytrode Lyptzck [Leipzig] : Gregor Böttiger, [Werman] 1495.   $12,000 Quarto  12 x 9 cm. Signatures: a8 b-p6 q8.[Errors in foliation: lxxxviiii-xcviii foliated xc-xcviiii, with xc as cxi, xciiii as cxv] Blank initial spaces. Bound in half... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XXXVII , now in the mail.

If you would like a print copy Please send me an e-mail me jamesgray2[at] Or follow this Link to the a PDF: Or use this QR code. Or follow the links in the index for ISTC listings Continue Reading →


. #277J Orosius, Paulus Orosius (385-420). Historiae adversus paganos, edited by Aeneas Vulpes. Scias velim humanissime lector: Aeneam Vulpem Vicentinum priorem sanctae crucis adiutore Laurentio Brixiensi Historias Pauli Orosii quae continentur hoc codice: [Vicenza]: Hermannus Liechtenstein, [c.1475].  $22,000   Folio.... Continue Reading →

A female autobiography. Ecstasy and distress

Madeleine Vigneron (1628-1667) La vie et la conduite spirituelle de Mademoiselle M. Vigneron. Suivant les mémoires qu'elle en a laissez par l'ordre de son directeur (M. Bourdin). [Arranged and edited by him.]. Paris: Chez Pierre de Launay, 1689.    ... Continue Reading →

180 Woodcuts of devotional Catholic Icons. 1584 ROSARY

The rosary is an incredibly rich practice of prayer that developed slowly, evolving over the centuries. The first recorded use of the word “rosary” did not appear until 1597. (???.) But the roots of the rosary are found far earlier.... Continue Reading →

A postilla by a Mystic Hermit Printed by Johann Zainer in Ulm with two Leaves printed by Günther  Zainer in Augsburg.

564J. Albertus de Padua (1282-1328): and Pseudo-Nicolaus de Dinkelsbühl (1360-1433) Expositio evangeliorum dominicalium et festivalium. Add: Nicolaus de Dinkelsbuel: Concordantia in passionem dominicam. Ulm : Johann Zainer, 'about' 15 June 1480.   (The colophon reads circa festum sancti Viti)    Price $21,000 Certainly... Continue Reading →

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