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Galileo’s “Starry Messenger” and Kepler’s “Dioptrice” Two of the Most Important Books in Early Observational Astronomy

Gassendi, Pierre (1592-1655); Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642); Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630) Petri Gassendi Institutio Astronomica: Juxta Hypotheseis tam Veterum quàm Recentiorum. Cui accesserunt Galilei Galilei Nuncius Sidereus; et Johannis Kepleri Dioptrice. Tertia editio prioribus Correctior. London: Henry Dickinson, 1683                                     […]

Rogers cautions not to blame the devil for this depression.

252J.  Timothy Rogers (1658-1728) A discourse concerning trouble of mind and the disease of melancholly : in three parts : written for the use of such as are, or have been exercised by the same. London : Printed for Thomas Parkhurst,... Continue Reading →

Guillelmus Parisiensis 1437-1485

It is always nice to find a book which is Early (1492) textually Important (over 100 editions printed) and very Rare ( this is the only copy in the US) and also very Pretty . Here is a nice one... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther Reinvents the German Language — Human Pages

When, in 1522, Martin Luther agreed to a staged kidnapping that would keep him safe from Catholic and other authorities, he soon found himself out of danger, but also bored to tears. Hiding out in castle called the Wartburg, near... Continue Reading →

The Melancholy of William Blake — Human Pages: This is not really a question.

No matter how poor he got, and no matter what of his belongings he had to sell to get by, William Blake always held onto a print of Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 work, Melencolia I; it was found in his workroom... Continue Reading →

Manuscripts, Incunabula and Post incunabula (but all at least 500 years old!)

  The first medieval theologian to develop a systematic treatise on free will, the virtues, and the natural law. 1) 245J Guillermus Altissodorensis, or William of Auxerre, c.1150-1231 (sometimes also called William of Beauvai) Summa aurea in quattuor libros sententiarum... Continue Reading →

Certainly a quite rare Pigouchet Heures .

172J [Printed Book of Hours (Use of Rome) In Latin and French] Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Ro[m]me ont este faictes pour Simon Vostre Libraire domourant a Paris a la rue neuue nostre dame a le enseigne sainct Jehan l'evangeliste. [this is the... Continue Reading →

EROTOMANIA or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or Erotiqve melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of Physick

Jacques Ferrand (b. ca. 1575) EROTOMANIA, OR A TREATISE DISCOURSING OF THE ESSENCE, CAUSES, SYMPTOMES, PROGNOSTICKS, AND CURE OF LOVE, OR EROTIQUE MELANCHOLY. (Oxford: Printed by L. Lichfield, 1640).                      ... Continue Reading →

Saint Jerome & the medieval phenomenon of ‘Pious Fraud’* or Exitus acta probat.

Exitus acta probat.  OVID Heroides, II, 85.    "the outcome justifies the means." This week I have been working on a fifteenth-century manuscript which satisfies most of the qualities of a Pious Fraud .  "Pious fraud is used to describe fraud in religion. A... Continue Reading →

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