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Ortus Sanitatis. Straßburg 1497

499J   "PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEDICAL BOOK PRINTED BEFORE 1500" (Hunt).  499J. (Attributed authors. {see below, (or you can search Authors on the magnifier image))    Ortus Sanitatis. De herbis et plantisDe animalibus & reptilibusDe auibus et volatilibusDe piscibus & natatilibus.        (tibusDe lapidibus & in terra venis nascẽtibusDe... Continue Reading →

The First English Catholic New Testament in English, printed at the seminarie at Rhemes 1582

The First English Catholic New Testament in English, printed at the seminarie at Rhemes Printed 29 Years before the King James Bible   226J    The Nevv Testament. The Nevv Testament of Iesus Christ, translated faithfully into English, out of the... Continue Reading →

Martials Epigrammata Aldus 1517

One of the most influential satirical poets of all time. MARTIALIS, Marcus Valerius Martialis Epigrammata. [liber I - XIIII] Venezia, eredi di Aldo Manuzio e Andrea Torresano, 1517. Rare second Aldine edition that follows the first of 1501. Octavo, 160... Continue Reading →

John Cleveland 1613-1658 Metaphysical poet

Before I offer all these copies and editions of Cleveland, you might wonder why or how I have so many? The easy and clearest answer Is that I feel he has been overlooked in modern times. But I feel he... Continue Reading →

Seven  Anonymous English books

At Banbury he saw the Puritan who has become proverbial, “Hanging of his Cat on Monday For killing of a Mouse on Sunday.” 488J.  Anonymous. By Richard Brathwait. 1588?-1673. Drunken Barnaby’s four journeys to the north of England. In Latin and... Continue Reading →

Kircher: The Man who tried to Know Everything!

632G  Kircher, Athanasius (& Kestler) .          1602-1680   Physiologia Kircheriana Experimentalis, Qua Summa Argumentorum Multitudine & Varietate Naturalium rerum scientia per experimenta Physica, Mathematica, Medica, Chymica, Musica, Magnetica, Mechanica comprobatur atque stabilitur. Quam Ex Vastis Operibus Adm. Revdi. P. Athanasii Kircheri extraxit, & in hunc ordinem per classes redegit Romæ, Anno M. DC. LXXV. Joannes Stephanus […]

Who was The Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot…..?

I find it hard to pin down who Rochester was, maybe it is because he revealed of much contradictory emotion in his verse, or maybe it is his reputation of which so much is written about displays the uneasy relation between actions , feelings and expression. I highly recommend the Movie version of his life […]

Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica

402J, Gaspar Schott 1608-1666 Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica Ad Eminentiss: S.R.I. Principem Joannem Philippum Electorem Mogunt: Auctore. P. Gaspare Schotto. Soc. Jesu.  ["The appendix to Schott's work contains the first published report of Guericke's experiments with the vacuum pump. Guericke had communicated... Continue Reading →

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