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November 2013

Witchcraft and Paupers!

Witchcraft and Paupers!.

Witchcraft and Paupers!

379G  Sibylla, Bartholomaeus, active approximately 1434, Nicolaus de Byard (13th century). Speculum peregrinarum questionum eruditissimi viri Bartholomei Sibille Monopolitani ordinis predicatorum, sacre theologie professoris : tres decades complectens in quibus varie questiones de animabus rationalibus in coniuncto, [et] separatis, deq[ue]... Continue Reading →

Philippi Melanchthonis Philosophiae moralis epitomae libri duo

376G      Melanchthon, Philipp.      1497-1560           Philippi Melanchthonis Philosophiae moralis epitomae libri duo emendati & aucti : nam tres virtutes additae, quintus Aristotelis totus immutatus : accessit etiam tractatus De autoritate principum & alter De arbore consanguinitatis & affinitatis, & index copiosus. Argentorati... Continue Reading →

Where The Hell…?

  If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill In the Old Testament, the word translated “hell” is Sheol; in the New Testament, it’s Hades(meaning “unseen”) andGehenna(“the Valley of Hinnom”).Sheolis also translated as “pit” and “grave.” Both Sheol and Hades refer... Continue Reading →

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