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April 2016

Saint John Fisher: English Martyr

ON 22 June, 1535   He was declared guilty, and condemned to be hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, but the mode of execution was changed, and instead he was beheaded on Tower Hill.  Erasmus said of John Fisher: "He... Continue Reading →


A who's who of books worth reading. Index librorum prohibitorum Innoc. XI. P.M. iussu editus usque ad annum 1681 : eidem accedit in fine appendix usque ad mensem Iunij 1704. 669G               Index librorum prohibitorum Innoc. XI P.M. jussu editus usque... Continue Reading →

The School Of Recreation: 1710

790G R(obert) H(owllet) fl 1696 The School Of Recreation: Or A Guide To The Most Ingenious Exercises Of Hunting, Riding, Racing, Fireworks, Military Discipline, The Science Of Defence, Hawking, Tennis, Bowling, Singing, Cock-fighting, Fowling, Angling. London : printed for A.... Continue Reading →

I Have Just finished ‘Fascicule VI’

If you would like to receive a hard (printed on paper) copy if this or future lists of books current in my stock, Please send me an eMail and include a shipping address and I will place you on my... Continue Reading →

ABAA Antiquarian Book Show New York 2016

On this Thursday the  ABAA New York Antiquarian Book Fair at the Park Avenue Armory Begins. If you are in NY stop by and say Hi! 643 Park Avenue, New York Between 66/67 Streets Preview Thur April 7 5-9pm Open... Continue Reading →

Why study anything but Scholastic Theology?

i have asked myself this more than once…


To understand how important it is to support The Scholasticum — the only institute in all the world and all the Church dedicated to reviving the study of Scholastic Theology — take a moment to hear what Pope Sixtus V said of them, in his Decretal Letters of March 14, 1588, entitled, Triumphantis Hierusalem, § 10.:

For with the divine gift of Him, Who alone gives the spirit of knowledge and wisdom and understanding, and Who furnishes His Church throughout the lifetimes of generations with new benefits, as is needed, and Who provides Her with new supports, there has been discovered by Our ancestors, most wise men, Scholastic Theology, which two Doctors glorious above all, the angelic Saint Thomas, and the seraphic Saint Bonaventure, most brilliant professors in this capacity, and first among those, who have been registered among the number of the Saints, with excellent genius…

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