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October 2018

Trouble of mind and the disease of melancholly

252J.  Timothy Rogers (1658-1728) A discourse concerning trouble of mind and the disease of melancholly : in three parts : written for the use of such as are, or have been exercised by the same. London : Printed for Thomas Parkhurst,... Continue Reading →

Characters of Distinction between true and pretending Prophets are laid down.            1665

Todays book is as much fun to read as Brown's Pseudoxia Epidemica , Like Brown Spencer is battling against superstition, with reason and natural history as his weapon and defense.  940G     John Spencer, Dean of Ely             1630-1693 A Discourse... Continue Reading →

The Primitive Origin of Mankind EVOLUTION in 1677!

825G Matthew Hale The Primitive Origin of Mankind considered and examined according to the light of nature. London: William Godbid for William Shrowsbery, 1677           $ 2,800 Folio 12 1/2 X 7 3/4 inches a-4,b2,B-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Bbb4,Ccc2. First edition. This copy is bound in full later calf. This copy has the book […]

1512 Dante Alighieri 99 wood-cuts !

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) Opere del Divino Poeta Danthe con svoi Comenti : Recorrecti et con ogne diligentia novamente in littera cvrsiva impresse. In bibliotheca S. Bernardini. [With the commentary of Cristoforo Landino. [Venetia] In bibliotheca. S. Bernardini, [1512] {[Impressa in... Continue Reading →

Scholastic Philosophy

read this one first


Worth a read! a nice introduction

George Joye (1495-1553) ! too many Ceremonies

189J      Anonymous; attributed to George Joye (1495-1553)   Our sauiour Iesus Christ hath not ouercharged his chirche with many ceremonies.          [At Zijrik] [i.e. Antwerp : Widow of C. Ruremond?], M.D.XLIII. in Febru. [1543]                                  $11,000 Octavo,   First and only... Continue Reading →

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury

187J      Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury Cranmer (1489-1556) A Defence of The True and Catholike doctrine of the sacrament of the body and bloud of our sauiour Christ, with a confutation of sundry errors concernyng the same, grounded and stablished vpon... Continue Reading →

The Description of Scotland

222J Hector Boece       1465?-1536        (1465?-1536) Hector Boetius in Latine, and afterward translated into the Scotish speech by John Bellenden Archdeacon of Marrey, and now finallie into English by R.H. Wherevpon is inferred the historie of Scotland, conteining the beginning, increase, proceeding,... Continue Reading →

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