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September 2017

Copyright ABCs – ‘The Art of Reading’

‘Proverbs and other Moral Sayings’. Some of these latter phrases are still familiar to us today, such as ‘Rome was not built in a day’; ‘a cat may look upon a king’; and ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’. Some,... Continue Reading →

Rock! Fall

[Cover Photo: Jon Kameen/Twitter] A rockfall on Yosemite’s El Capitan has killed one and left another injured during the popular climbing month of September reports USA Today. According to reports, a multitude of wintesses saw the rockfall happen on Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Saint Jerome and fake news

I've always Loved St Jerome!

Medea, Jason and their Marriage

I was think of the Poison crown...

The Seven Wonders of the World!

Philo byzantius. De Septem orbis spectaculis, Leonis Allatii opera nunc primum graece et latine prodit, cum notis. We are all familiar with the phrase “The Seven Wonders of the World” , it is even easy to bring up images of them in our minds,but can you name the seven popularly accepted ones, do they still exist,where […]

Music Printing in the Renaissance

A very nice example and explanation of music printing.

Characters of Distinction between true and pretending Prophets are laid down.            1665

Todays book is as much fun to read as Brown's Pseudoxia Epidemica , Like Brown Spencer is battling against superstition, with reason and natural history as his weapon and defense.  940G     John Spencer, Dean of Ely             1630-1693 A Discourse... Continue Reading →

Carcano; 1496 fratris Michaelis Mediolanensis

942G Michæl (Michaelis Mediolanensis) Carcano ( 1427- 1484) Sermonarium de poenitentia per adventum et per quadragesimam fratris Michaelis Mediolanensis. V enice : Georgius Arrivabenus, 28 Sept. 1496         $9,000 Large Octavo 7 1/4 X 51/2    a-z8... Continue Reading →

Mediavilla, on Lombards sentences and demonology! 1477

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