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October 2015

¶ Boethius — De philosophico consolatu (1501)

Source: ¶ Boethius — De philosophico consolatu (1501)

A most satisfying book: Boethius ,a Consolation of Philosophy

Boetius de philosophico consolatu, siue, De consolatio[n]e philosophi[a]e Edward Gibbon  in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire  stated that  A consolation of Philosophy  is  "A golden volume not unworthy of the leisure of Plato or... Continue Reading →

Acedia, or the last but not least of deadly sins!

As is usually the way, when I have more than enough work to already do a book makes it mo my desk and lures me away with a subject or concept new to me and captivates me into letting the... Continue Reading →

Katherin Philips! more still!

Today, I have seven books by  Katherine Philips, A first pirated edition of the Poems, A first Authorized edition of the Poems, a fourth edition of the Poems and three copies of the first edition of the Letters!  One of her first publications, a... Continue Reading →

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