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There are a few blanks after the cover, which will be the title page and index but those pages are dependent upon my printer they are not there yet. c2a71470-xxx-c692Download Please enjoy looking James

Aristotle For the University 1516

A public commission, in 1516 was appointed to find a way of ending the interminable strife between rival academic parties, they asked Eck to prepare new commentaries on Aristotle and Peter of Spain. And so in 1516 & 1517 he... Continue Reading →

6 Books from the 1470’s

#945G Eusebius (c. 260-c. 340) Eusebius Pa[m]phili de eua[n]gelica preparac[i]o[n]e ex greco in latinu[m] translatus Incipit feliciter. [ Cologne, Ulrich Zel, not after 1473]. $19,000 Folio 29 x21 cm. Signatures:  [a]12, [b-o]10, [p]8 The copy at the Vienna Schottenstift has... Continue Reading →

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