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March 2013

Today I am reading about Edmund Campion 1540-1581, He had a truly amazing life. He changed his faith at a great cost, and he seems to have never backed down or even hid his faith. There are many books on... Continue Reading →

  When I look for books, or rather as I look for books, it seems as though I am always looking at books, book descriptions, bibliographies or reading histories of ideas, I look for authors and titles, which I have... Continue Reading →

A Rare Law book by König. in a contemporary binding. !!!

Today, I have a very rare book on Criminal Process Law, according to the OCLC, the only copy is North America is at the University of Alberta! 307G König, Robert. (1658-1713)        Tractatus theorico-practicus de Processu Criminali iuxta ordinem titulorum... Continue Reading →

James Gray Bookseller Princeton MA tel-617-678-4517

  As each day passes it seems, in a struggle for 'new and better' modes of communication, speed outstrips content, perhaps making both content and time rarer. My Blog promises to be slow, but still iI endevour to make additions as... Continue Reading →

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