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September 2016



Written by Rene Descartes, 1641. Translated by Elisabeth S. Haldene, 1911.



René Descartes (Latinized: Renatus Cartesius) was born 31 March 1596 – 11 February 1650. He was a French, Catholic 17th century philosopher, mathematician and writer. He is also jnown for his famous quote: Cogito ergo sum. I think,  therefor I am. Dubbed as the father of modern philosophy, he was the first to attempt using the scientific method in yhis field, hoping to advance the subject en par with other sciences.

Philosophy had been declining ever since medieval philosophy had ended with nominalism and skepticism. Wanting to advance philosophy, he decided to do something different andclaimed to doubt the whole previous traditional knowledge left by his predecessors. His reason for this was his belief that in order to answer the skeptic, one must begin as a skeptic. In other words,  to prove something assume nothing. This was…

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First Edition of Descartes’ Letters 1682

"Thus, all Philosophy is like a tree, of which Metaphysics is the root, Physics the trunk, and all the other sciences the branches that grow out of this trunk, which are reduced to three principals, namely, Medicine, Mechanics, and Ethics.... Continue Reading →

The “One of Many” Fallacy


I’ve been on book tour for nearly a month now, and I’ve come across a bunch of arguments pushing against my book’s theses. I welcome them, because I want to be informed. So far, though, I haven’t been convinced I made any egregious errors.

Here’s an example of an argument I’ve seen consistently when it comes to the defense of the teacher value-added model (VAM) scores, and sometimes the recidivism risk scores as well. Namely, that the teacher’s VAM scores were “one of many considerations” taken to establish an overall teacher’s score. The use of something that is unfair is less unfair, in other words, if you also use other things which balance it out and are fair.

If you don’t know what a VAM is, or what my critique about it is, take a look at this post, or read my book. The very short version is that it’s…

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Poems, &c. By John Donne

Donne, John. 1571/2-1631 Poems, &c. By John Donne, late Dean of St. Pauls. With Elegies On The Author’s Death. To which is added Divers Copies under his own hand, Never before Printed. London: In the Savoy, Printed by T.N. for... Continue Reading →

A bakers dozen of English verse from 1631-702

  Charles Cotton    1630-1687 William Davenant, 1606-1668 Sir John Davies 1569-1626 John Donne. 1571/2-1631 Michael Drayton 1563-1631 Lord Brooke Fluke Greville 1554-1628 George Herbert (1593-1633) George Herbert (1593-1633) Benjamin Jonson ca. 1572-1637 Nicholas Ling, ed fl. ca. 1599 Nicholas Ling,... Continue Reading →

Athanasius Kircher

Peter Canisius (another Copy)


Canisius 354G Mary and Child Canisius 354G Mary and Child

Just recently, after I sold a copy of this wonderful book, I purchased another copy , this new copie has some nice features which make it a great copy , it has less browning that the previous copy  and it is certainly 17th century vellum.

650G spine 650G spine


650G Commentariorum de Verbi Dei Corruptelis tomi duo. Prior de Venerando Christi Domini Praecursore Ioanne Baptista, Posterior de Sacrosancta Virgine Maria deipara disserit, et utriusque personae historiam omnem adversus Centuriatores Magdeburgicos aliosq; Catholicae Ecclesiae hostes diserte vindicat. Postrema et Plenior utriusque operis, in unum volumen nunc primum redacti editio, D. Petro Canisio Societatis Iesu Theologo, tùm Authore, tùm Recognitore. Accessit index Copiosus, partim locorum Scripturae Sacrae, quae passim tractantur, partim rerum praecipuarum, quae utroque Tomo continentur

      [Bound with]
Alter tomvs Commentariorvm de verbi Dei corrvptelis, adversvs novos et veteres sectariorvm errores …
De S. Joan. Baptista. De B. V. Maria

Ingolstadii : Ex officinal typographic Davidis Sartori, 1583     $6,500  


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The Grolier Codex finally Vindicated!!!

BY Brittany A. Roston - Sep 13, 2016 You can see it here :   Grolier Codex, an extremely rare ancient Maya book, is genuine Brittany A. Roston - Sep 13, 2016 1 TwitterFacebook16GoogleReddit Grolier Codex, an extremely rare ancient Maya... Continue Reading →

Manipulus curatorum (no copy in the US)

832G Guido de Monte Rochen fl 1330 Manipulus curatorum [Rome]: Johannes Bulle, 18 Nov. 1478                                      $16,000 Quarto.  [112] leaves ( of 116,... Continue Reading →

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