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September 2016


First Edition of Descartes’ Letters 1682

"Thus, all Philosophy is like a tree, of which Metaphysics is the root, Physics the trunk, and all the other sciences the branches that grow out of this trunk, which are reduced to three principals, namely, Medicine, Mechanics, and Ethics.... Continue Reading →

The “One of Many” Fallacy

Poems, &c. By John Donne

Donne, John. 1571/2-1631 Poems, &c. By John Donne, late Dean of St. Pauls. With Elegies On The Author’s Death. To which is added Divers Copies under his own hand, Never before Printed. London: In the Savoy, Printed by T.N. for... Continue Reading →

A bakers dozen of English verse from 1631-702

  Charles Cotton    1630-1687 William Davenant, 1606-1668 Sir John Davies 1569-1626 John Donne. 1571/2-1631 Michael Drayton 1563-1631 Lord Brooke Fluke Greville 1554-1628 George Herbert (1593-1633) George Herbert (1593-1633) Benjamin Jonson ca. 1572-1637 Nicholas Ling, ed fl. ca. 1599 Nicholas Ling,... Continue Reading →

Athanasius Kircher

Peter Canisius (another Copy)

The Grolier Codex finally Vindicated!!!

BY Brittany A. Roston - Sep 13, 2016 You can see it here :   Grolier Codex, an extremely rare ancient Maya book, is genuine Brittany A. Roston - Sep 13, 2016 1 TwitterFacebook16GoogleReddit Grolier Codex, an extremely rare ancient Maya... Continue Reading →

Manipulus curatorum (no copy in the US)

832G Guido de Monte Rochen fl 1330 Manipulus curatorum [Rome]: Johannes Bulle, 18 Nov. 1478                                      $16,000 Quarto.  [112] leaves ( of 116,... Continue Reading →

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