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August 2023

VERY RARE ::Heures Printed by Guillaume Godard, 1514 Ces presentes heures de Nostre Dame on vellum.

A very printed book of Hours by Guillaume Godard on vellum only one other copy located worldwide.

Lives of church fathers in 1487, printed by Hannibal Foxius. Two North American copies.

658J. Eusebius - Only Two copies in the US (La vita el transito) Eusebius Cremonensis: Epistola de morte Hieronymi; Aurelius Augustinus, S: Epistola de magnificentiis Hieronymi; Cyrillus: De Miraculis Hieronymi). [Venice, Hannibal Foxius, 1 June 1487].               $7,000 Octavo 16.7x12cm. Signatures: a–i8. 72 leaves, 36 lines, Roman letter, rubricated with capital letters in red ink. Several annotations in ink and marginal notes, first leaf mounted, 5 leaves, small wormholes touching the letters on the front edge of 4 leaves, 2 intermediate margins reinforced with old paper strips, small worming marks on 4 leaves. – Bound in twentieth century quarter Morocco, with a spine label "Transito di San Gerolamo, Venetia, 1487" This collection of pseudonymous works are... Continue Reading →

Sammelband of Six Aristotle Science Texts from the sixteenth century.

ARISTOTELES. Physicorum Aristotelis libri. [Of Physics]. Joanne Argyropylo & Francis. Vatablo interprete. Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De caelo libri quatuor. [Of Heaven]. I. Argyropylo interprete. 115, [21] pp. Printer's device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1553 (ms. change to 1558).Bound with: ARISTOTELES. De... Continue Reading →

Bartolus de Saxoferrato  (1313 -1357)

712J   Bartolus de Saxoferrato  (1313 -1357) Infrascripti vtiles et solaciosi tractatuli Bartoli legu[m] doctoris famosissimi hic continent.  ¶Repeticio 1. i. C. de dignita li. xij.  ¶de Nobilitate cum pulchris addicionibus  ¶De Insignijs et armis.  ¶De Falcone  ¶De Regimine reipublice ciuitatis. Et hij... Continue Reading →

….twenty-two full-paged engravings of fossils, caves, physical anomalies, artifacts monstrous births, aberrant weather and other difficult to explain occurrences; a double-paged map with contemporary coloring; two pages of the arms of the subscribers; and a portrait of the author after Faithorne. 

 The natural history of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the peak, in Derbyshire: with an account of the British, Phœnician, Armenian, Gr. and Rom. antiquities in those parts. By Charles Leigh, Doctor of Physick. 558J. Leigh, Charles. (1662-1701?)  The natural history of Lancashire,... Continue Reading →

RAYMUND LULL , clasical memory to RENESSANCE memory a sammelband 1578

Today I have a Sammelband of three 1578 books by Raymond Lull ​to offer.    (617) 678-4517James Gray Booksellers          https://www.jamesgraybookseller.com 46 Hobbs RoadPrinceton, MA 01541E-mail:   ​ ​    I 713J Raymund  Lull Ars brevis illuminati doctoris magistri Raymundi Lull : Quae est ad omnes scientias pauco &... Continue Reading →

217 emblems in a contemporary binding. Paradin’s Les Devises héroïques 1567

Paradin's Les Devises héroïques with 217 emblems in a contemporary binding.

The Secretum Secretorum is :

“One of the most widely read texts of the High Middle Ages or even the most-read”.  659J. Aristotle (pseudo) Tr  Johannes Lorchner.  Rāzī, Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā Abū Bakr al-; (864?-925?). Das aller edlest und bewertest Regiment der gesundtheyt, Auch von allen verßorgen Künsten... Continue Reading →

Isabella Cortese, the Female Alchemist (fl 1561)

706J. Isabella Cortese (fl. 1561)Secreti della Signora Isabella Cortese, ne'quali si contengono cose minerali, medicinali, arteficiose, & alchimiche : Et molte de l'arte profumatoria, appartenenti a ogni gran signora.Venetia : Appresso Carlo Conzatti, 1665 $3800Octavo 13 x 7.5 cm. Signatures:... Continue Reading →

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