Fascicule VI April MMXVI
Fascicule VI

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This is the first list of books currently in my stock for this calendar year. This is fascicle number VI, It comprises descriptions of 61 early printed books dating from the 1470’s to the 1710’s.

The subjects are so broad I can’t just pick a few, Often people think that early books mean just Theological or biblical texts, and while I have a few of those in this installment, there is so much more; here are some of the titles listed,  [Page number, author, short title or description]


Page 3. Collection of seven small books Bound together all deal with The test oath (1672, 1678)

5. Anonymous, . circa 1680 The Secret History Of the Most Renowned Q. Elizabeth And The E. of Cssex. [sic] By a Person of Quality. 1695.

6. Andres Alciati 1492 – 1550) V.C. Emblemata (Viri Clarissimi) Emblemata. 1600

7. Αστηρ του Χριστου Βασιλικος: or, Nuncius Christi Sydereus. The Star of the Eastern-Sages;1681

8. ( probably L’Estrange, Roger. 1616- 1704)   A compendious history of the most remarkable passages of the last fourteen years 1680

10. Apollo Anglicanus, the English Apollo: 1684  SOLD

12. Aristotle’s master-piece: or the secrets of generation display’d . 1704

13. The text of the Nevv Testament of Iesus Christ, translated out of the vulgar Latine by the papists of the traiterous seminarie at Rhemes. 1589

16. Saint Bonaventure Speculum Beatae Mariae Virginis. 1476

17. Bonaventure Stimulus Divini Amoris . 1493

18. Saint Bonaventure  Opuscula.1495

20. Boucher, Jean. Apologie povr Iehan Chastel Parisien,1595

21. Buchanan,  (Charles). The Nature and Design of Holy Days.1705

22. Robert Burton  The Anatomy of Melancholy. 1638DSC_0031

24. Charles Butler The femininʿ monarchiʿ, or the histori of beeʿs. 1634

26. Camfield, Benjamin A theological discourse of angels 1678

27. Benjamin Colman The religious regards we owe to our country 1718

28. Rainaldi Corsi lectissimi Ivreconsvlti Indagationvm 1568

29. Essayes, by Sr William Cornwallyes, 1632DSC_0241

30. The Works of Sir William Davenant Kt, 1673

31. Donne, John Poems 1669

33. Diodorus Siculus Bibliothecae historicae libri VI 1505?

34. Diogenes Le Vite de Filosofi Cavate da Laertio et Altri. 1602

35. Thomas Doolittle  A treatise concerning the Lords Supper:1708

37. Edmonds, Clement. The Commentaries of C. Julius Caesar 1677

38. Eland’s tutor to astrology  1704

39. Fitzherbert, Anthony, La graunde abridgement,1577

41. Gebert of Aurillac Epistola Gerberti, Primo Remorum, 1611

43.Arthur Gotthard  Historia Indiae Orientalis, 1608

44. F.G. = Gregory, Francis Oνομασικὸν βραχύ (Onomastikon brachy) 1672

45. Grosse, Henning. Magica De Spectris Et Apparitionibus Spiritum 1656

46. Libri Sancti Hilarii de Trinitate contra Arianos 1489

48. George Horn  Arca Noæ sive Historia Imperiorum 1666

49. Barten Holyday Juvenalis, And  Persius Translated and Illustrated 1673

51. Jenks, , Silvester An essay upon the art of love 1702

Portrait of Athanasius Kircher with some of our 17th century folio stacks.53. Kircher, Athansius  Physiologia Kircheriana Experimentalis 1680

56. Kircher Ars Magna Sciendi 1669

59. John Langston Lusus poeticus Latino-Anglicanus in usum scholarum.1675


60.Nicholas Ling Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth.1647

61.Ling Politeuphuia, Wits Common-wealth.1684

62. Richard Mather, preface by John Cotton.A plat-form of church-discipline 1711

64. Milton, John. Paradise Lost 1688

66. Montfaucon, Bernard de. Diarium italicum 1702

68. Nicetae Acominati Choniatae, magni logothetae secretorum 1557

71.Johannes Nider Tractat[US] Utilis de SEPTEM PECCATIS MORTALIBUS. 1500

74. Katherine Philips Poems.166Featured Image -- 4062

75. Katherine Philips Poems.1667

77. Katherine Philips Poems.1678

79. Katherine Philips Letters .1705


81.Robert Fludd , Henri de Pisis, Ibn al- `Arabi  Tabulae geomanticae 1693

83. Playford, John. & Henry Purcell. An introduction to the skill of musick 1687

85. John Ray Dissolution and Changes of the World.1692

DSC_014786. Smith,Thomas Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum 1696

87. Johannis Sperlette Physica Nova Seu Philosophia Naturae 1703

88. John Suckling Fragmenta Aurea.1646

90.Antoine Varillas An’ekdota ‘Eterouiak’a. The Secret History Of The House Of Medicis 1686

91.Vasari, Giorgio Le vite de’ più eccellenti pittori 1648

92. An abridgemente of the notable worke of Polidore Virgile 1560

94. Vignola, Règles des cinq ordres d’architecture 1632    SOLD

96.Wilmot, John. Earl of Rochester. Poems, (&c.) on several occasions 1696


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