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Gregory the Great. Moralia in Job 1496

Saint Gregory has exercised in many respects a momentous influence on the doctrine, the organization, and the discipline of the Catholic Church.   To him we must look for an explanation of the religious situation of the Middle Ages; indeed, if no account were taken of his work, the... Continue Reading →

Certainly a quite rare Pigouchet Heures .

172J [Printed Book of Hours (Use of Rome) In Latin and French] Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Ro[m]me ont este faictes pour Simon Vostre Libraire domourant a Paris a la rue neuue nostre dame a le enseigne sainct Jehan l'evangeliste. [this is the... Continue Reading →

Thomas Aquinas Summa Pars prima (second edition)

269J Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274 Summa theologiae: Pars prima. Ed: Franciscus de Neritono, Petrus Cantianus, and Joannes Franciscus. Venice : [Nicolaus Jenson] 1477.   $ 13,000   Folio 10 ½ x 7 inches. a8, b-z8, [&]8, [Rho]8,[Psi]8, A8-H8, I-L10, M12  (lacking three... Continue Reading →

Very Rare Boethius Incunabulum

No copy of this Edition in North America. 10H Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius 480-525 De Consolatione Philosophiae : Sacti thome de aquino super libris boetii de solatoe philosophie comentum cu expositione feliciter incipit. [fol. 168 recto:] In diui Seuerini... Continue Reading →

Fascicule XIX PDF is done!

Index XIX 234J Magister Adam also Raymmundus de Pennaforti. Goff A48 (Harvard, Library of Congress, Univ. of California, Law Library,Yale)            245J Guillermus Altissodorensis Goff G718 269J Aquinas Goff  T198 Columbia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Morgan,Huntington, UCLA, U.of Illinois. Continue Reading →

Gerson on “Pollutione Nocturna”

276J.  Jean Gerson  Incipit tractatulus venerabil[is] m[a]g[ist]ri Johannis Gerson cancellarij Parisiensis tractans de polluc[i]o[n]e nocturna an impediat celebrantem an non [Cologne : Johann Guldenschaff, about 1480]                       SOLD All incunable... Continue Reading →

Please visit us at the 2019 Bibliography Week Showcase Thursday January 24, 10-4 French Institute/Alliance Française 22 E 60th Street New York, NY 10065

Here is my NYC list.. if anything is of interest let me know asap and I’ll give you a great price.!  (Well maybe) 234J Magister Adam   also  Raymmundus de Pennaforti. Su[m]mula clarissimi iurisco[n]sultissimiq[ue] viri Raymu[n]di : [Cologne]: [Retro Minores18 July... Continue Reading →

Saint Raymond of Peñafort Saint of the Day for January 7

234J  Magister Adam [de Aldersbach ](d1408.) also Raymmundus de Pennaforti. (1180-1275) "Su[m]mula clarissimi iurisco[n]sultissimiq[ue] viri Raymu[n]di : demu[m] reuisa ac castigatissime correcta : breuissimo co[m]pe[n]dio sacrame[n]torum alta co[m]plectens mysteria. de sortilegis. symonia. furto. rapina. vsura. etq[ue] [sic] varijs casibus"  ... Continue Reading →

Free Will ~ William of Auxerre, on Peter Lombard.

The first medieval theologian to develop a systematic treatise on free will, the virtues, and the natural law. 245J Guillermus Altissodorensis , or  William of Auxerre, c.1150-1231 (sometimes also called William of Beauvai) Summa aurea in quattuor libros sententiarum : a... Continue Reading →

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