It is always nice to find a book which is Early (1492) textually Important (over 100 editions printed) and very Rare ( this is the only copy in the US) and also very Pretty . Here is a nice one for today!

777G  Guillelmmus Parisiensis(The authorship, however, remains unclear, although it appears that the attribution to Parisiensis is erroneous, with Johannes Herolt appearing as a more likely author. )

Postilla super epistolis et evangelia de tempore et de sanctis et pro defunctis. summa diligentia iterum emendata.

[Deventer: Jacobus de Breda], 10 Sept. 1492                    $ 15,000


“More than one hundred editions of the Postilla super epistolas et evangelia by Guillermus Parisiensis were printed during the fifteenth century. Surely this esteemed compilation must be regarded as one of the earliest ‘best sellers’, for how else can one explain why the text was…

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