1. ARISTOTELES. Physicorum Aristotelis libri. [Of Physics]. Joanne Argyropylo & Francis. Vatablo interprete. Bound with:
  1. ARISTOTELES. De caelo libri quatuor. [Of Heaven]. I. Argyropylo interprete. 115, [21] pp. Printer’s device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1553 (ms. change to 1558).
    Bound with:
  2. ARISTOTELES. De generatione et corruptione libri duo. [Of the generation and corruption of books].
    F. Vatablo interprete. 67 pp. Printer’s device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1553 (ms. changed to 1558).
    Bound with:
  3. ARISTOTELES. Meteorologicorum libri quatuor. [Meteorological studies]. 158, [21 pp. Printer’s device and 5 text woodcuts and diagrams. Lyon; A. Vicentium (Excudebat Symphorianus Barbierus), 1558.
    Bound with:
  4. ARISTOTELES. De anima libri tres. [From animals]. 106 pp. 1 blank leaf. Printer’s device. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1558.
    Bound with:
  5. ARISTOTELES. De sensu & sensili, de memoria & reminiscentia (etc.). [Memory, senses & reminiscences].
    F. Vatablo interprete. 154 pp. (without last blank). Woodcut printer’s device and 1 text woodcut diagram. Lyon; A. Vicentium, 1558.

Lyon: Apud AntoniumVincentium (Excudebat Michael Sylvius), 1558 (colophon: 1553). $9,000

Octavo 162 x 108 mm. Signatures available (collated and complete) Woodcut printer’s device on title-page. Five early owner’s inscriptions on title-page part crossed out and a Franciscan monastery stamp with another inscription on flyleaf. Early annotations and underlining. The annotations take the form of numbering and underlining in Physicorum, Liber 1-VIII, De CÆLO Liber I-II, De GENERATIONE I&II, De Anima Liber I-III.


Bound in a contemporary blind tooled pigskin over beveled wooden boards with central panel stamp portrait of Jesus on both covers, enclosed within ornamental rolls and fillets. Spine with four raised bands and manuscript title in top compartments, manuscript shelf no. in lower compartment, top & bottom edges stained blue, both original brass clasps present. Apart from a reddish stain on the upper cover and traces of an old repair on lower cover. A truly exceptional original binding from 1558 complete with it’s original metal clasps. Housed in a felt-lined black cloth clamshell case, spine with leather label, lettered in gilt. 

Antoine VINCENT (1500-1568). aka. Vincentius. A Bookseller of Calvinist confession and the eldest son of the bookseller Simon Vincent. From 1557 in from Lyon, he organized “the largest publishing company of the century”, and the printing and trade of the Reformed Psalter (1562), for which he obtained in December 1561 a privilege for the benefit of his son Antoine II Vincent.

The ambiguity of the name Antoine Vincent seems to have been voluntarily maintained from 1550. From 1559 to 1564, he moved with his family to Geneva, where although living alone he obtained the authorization to operate four presses. Meanwhile, the Lyon trading house was run by his eldest son Barthélemy. In May 1561, he entrusted Antoine II with the organization of his branch in Basel. By Geneva ordinance of June 1563, he was recognized as one of the three most important publishers in the city. He actively participated in the development of the Reformed Church of Lyon. Arrested in 1567, his property was confiscated in 1568. He died between May 2 (date of his will) and June 2, 1568 and was recognized as one of the three most important publishers in the city.