174J   Niocola de Orbellis  (ca 1400-1475)


Eximii doctoris magistri Nicholai de orbellis super sentencias compendium per utile, elegantiora doctoris subtilis dicta summatim complectens.

Rouen : Martin Morin, for Jean Alexandre, 1497   [about 1500]          $13,000

Octavo, 61/2 x 4 inches

Signatures: a-i8 k4 A-E8 a-d48 e-f8 aa-ii8  kk-ss8 tt10, Last blank and filled with notes and Printers mark on the back  Printer’s mark on title page (cf. Brunet v.2, p. 363).

DSC_0029 Bound in 18th century tree calf, with gilt spine. Inital capitals supplied in red and printed capitals stroked in a faded yellow.  There are copious microscopic notes in latin, see images

Orbellis appears to have been professor of theology and philosophy in the University of Angers, where he enjoyed great reputation as an expounder of the teaching of John Duns Scotus. After 1465 he wrote his chief work, a commentary on the Four Books of Sententiae ‘Sentences’.
He died at Rome in 1475 and was interred in the church of the Ara Coeli on the Capitoline. Under the entry for the word Dorbel, the Oxford English Dictionary gives the date of his death as 1455. The meaning of Dorbel (based on the name of Nicholas de Orbellis) is given as: a scholastical pedant, a dull-witted person, dolt.
Not in Goff,  see O76.

DSC_0025 2

Two copies in the US  copy at St Bonaventures and Johns Hoplins.

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