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Europe's printed and hand-written books in the spotlight

The last CERL meeting where all CERL members could meet in person was in October 2019, when we met at the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek in Göttingen. In our Newsletter of December 2019, we reported on elections and other outcomes of that meeting, and the slides presented at the seminar are available on the CERL website. In this Newsletter we highlight CERL activities in the first months of 2020.

In the course of March 2020, CERL staff and most of our colleagues in member institutions and other organisations with which we collaborate, were instructed to work from home. Not much later, it became evident that CERL would have to cancel the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, as well as the CERL Seminar that had been scheduled to take place in May 2020 at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Brussels. We had received a warm invitation to…

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